Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Naveen goes towards Prerna but Madhuri holds his hand and drags him into one of the rooms of the hospital. Naveen and Madhuri get into a fight about their plan failing. Anurag’s sister reaches the hospital and gets emotional after seeing Anurag on the hospital bed. Meanwhile, Madhuri and Naveen discuss the plan further to kill Anurag. Prerna thinks about all the romantic moments they had together and starts crying. Also Read - Kasautii Zindagii Kay Last Episode to Air on October 3, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Not Replacing The Show

Basu family reaches the hospital and discuss about Anurag’s health to the doctor treating him. Madhuri disguises as a nurse but gets into an argument with Prerna. She goes inside Anurag’s room to kill him. Madhuri tries to snatch the marriage certificate from Anurag’s hand but Anurag wakes up and sees Madhuri but she successfully gets the marriage certificate. While coming out of the room, Madhuri and Prerna clash with each other but Madhuri runs away. Prerna doubts that there is something wrong. Soon after, she hears Anurag voice and goes inside the room. Prerna and Anurag hug each other and has a moment. Anurag tries to tell her about Madhuri taking away certificate but Prerna does not listen to Anurag and asks him to rest. Also Read - Parth Samthaan Exit From Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Makers Ask Writers And Directors to Develop Alternate Tracks For The Actor

Naveen and Madhuri meet in the storeroom. Naveen burns the marriage certificate but Madhuri doesn’t like this. Madhuri tells him that Anurag is conscious now but Naveen says that it does not matter now as their plan is successful and tomorrow he is getting married to Prerna.

Anurag wakes up the next day in his room. He gets a flashback about the accident. He then checks the date and remembers it’s the Prerna’s wedding day. He starts searching for the marriage certificate but soon remembers that Madhuri snatched the certificate from his hand at the hospital. He gets out of the bed and rushes to tell Prerna the truth but Naveen stops him and comes inside the room. Naveen tells Anurag that he failed to reveal the truth to the family and Prerna and today he and Prerna will be getting married to each other.

Prerna’s mother comes inside Prerna’s room to give her wedding ceremony outfit. She asks Prerna about her emotions for Anurag but Prerna says she has no feeling for Anurag. Prerna’s mother asks her to get ready and be a bride.

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