In yesterday’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu’s plan to trip Pragya on the stairs had failed after Abhi saves her as she came tumbling down, and that as she walked to the kitchen in anger and began talking to herself King heard her and had threatened to destroy her if she ever tried to harm Pragya again. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Zarina Roshan Khan Aka Indu Dadi Dies of Cardiac Arrest, Shabbir Ahluwalia And Sriti Jha Pay Tribute

Today’s episode began with Kiara asking if Pragya is okay and swearing that she did not drop the small metal balls on the stairs, and that she and Sunny were playing in the bedroom and Neha was there with them. Neha enters the room then and tells Pragya that Kiara is telling the truth. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler Alert September 2, 2020: Ranbir, Abhi Nab Sanju, Aliya Tries to Find Out Sanju's Phone

The next scene cuts to Tanu, who is still standing in the kitchen deep in thought about what King had told her and threatened to do to her if she tried to harm Pragya again. Speaking to herself, she says she is not going to fear what King has told her and will do what she likes and that she wants to see Pragya in tears. She plans to get Pragya away from Abhi so that when he is alone, he will turn to her. She even plans to accept Kiara as her daughter so she can become Abhi’s wife. But she tells herself before all that can happen, she needs to kill Pragya’s baby. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Trupti Shankhdhar Claims Her Father Attempted to Kill Her, Asks For Police Protection in Video

Tanu then takes a glass and pours some orange juice into it and then puts in a pill that will terminate Pragya’s pregnancy. She tells herself that if the medicine kills Pragya along with the baby, she will be the happiest.

Meanwhile, Pragya heads downstairs deep in thought about what had happened to her on the stairs. The ladies of the Mehra family sees her and tells her that they will keep an eye on her so that nothing bad happens to her. As she reassures them, she catches sight of King and goes over to talk to him and thank him for coming to the party.

Just then Abhi joins them and tells Pragya that when he had gone to King’s house he was in his night suit and drinking at 11 in the morning. On hearing it, Pragya tells King he needs to look for a manager who will look not only after him but the house as well. King, in turn, tells her to look for someone who is just like her. Abhi butts in and tells King there is only one kind of Pragya, and that he should just get married and everything will be fine.

King tells them it cannot happen as God has given him everything but was stingy where love is concerned. As Abhi is called away, Pragya tells King that God might be late but He is not blind and that he will soon find someone.

Tanu arrives then with the glass of juice and upon seeing Sarita the maid she calls out to her, but after what had happened earlier, Sarita rushes off. Tanu, who was flustered that Sarita had walked off, went after her. Upon catching up with Sarita, Tanu threatens her again and tells her to hand the juice over to Pragya, not realising that she is behind her.

Pragya turns Tanu around and slaps her hard on the face. A shocked Tanu asks her Pragya how dare she slap her, and Pragya accuses her of trying to kill her baby. Everyone is shocked to hear what Pragya had just said. Tanu tries to defend herself and lay the blame on the children, but Pragya refuses to listen and tells Tanu she has no right to be in the house and to get out.

Tanu tells Pragya that since she is pregnant, she does not want to say anything. Pragya, in turn, tells her that she knows about the papaya juice that Tanu had made for her. Tanu still tries to defend herself, but Pragya tells her not to lie as Sarita has already told her everything about how Tanu threatened to put Sarita’s father in jail if she did not agree to take the juice to Pragya.

Sarita also reveals everything in front of the guests and family members, and Tanu tells her that she will kill her. Pragya jumps in and tells Tanu that she will not lay a hand on Sarita. Tanu says that they are both trying to implicate her for something she did not do and then pushes Pragya. Abhi shouts out Tanu’s name and rushes over to ask Pragya if she was okay. On hearing it, Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya slapped her and he is asking Pragya if she is fine. Abhi gets angry and slaps Tanu.

Abhi next asks Tanu why she is trying to kill his unborn child, and she tells him that this woman, meaning Pragya, has stolen everything of hers and that she will never let her live a happy life. Pragya tells her that is her family and her husband and that she has only rightfully taken back what is hers that Tanu had stolen. She adds that the only mistake she has made is in letting Tanu stay in the house. Abhi says he will not make the same mistake and tells Mitali bhabhi and Disha to pack Tanu’s belongings.

As Disha and Mitali bhabhi happily pack Tanu’s belongings, downstairs Tanu pleads with Abhi not to throw her out of the house, but Abhi tells her that he should have done it a long time back. Getting upset that Abhi is not listening to her, Tanu tells him that he loves her, but Abhi says it is not love and that he only loves Pragya.

When the rest of the ladies of the house shout at her Tanu turns to Abhi’s sister Aliya to come to her defence. But Aliya refuses and tells her that she is part of the family and will not take Tanu’s side. She shouts at Aliya and tells her that she has never been on her side. Tanu calls her a selfish woman, and Aliya gives her one slap. Aliya also points out that Tanu is so jealous of Pragya that she wants to kill an innocent baby.

Tanu lashes out and says that she will not let the baby live if it is born, as she does not want another love child of Abhi and Pragya’s to be born. Hearing her say it, Aliya gives Tanu another slap.

Pragya tells Tanu that she has fallen in the eyes of every member of the family and that she has never accepted the family as her own, and for her to get out. Tanu says she won’t leave, as the house is hers. King butts in and tells her that just because she insists it is her family does not mean that it is. Tanu gets angry and rushes up to him and slaps him on the face. King tells Abhi to kick Tanu out of the house immediately.

Abhi says that it was very difficult to ask Tanu to leave the house before, but now she has made it easy for him. Just then Disha and Mitali bhabhi come down with Tanu’s suitcase and Abhi takes Tanu’s hand and leads her out of the house. Aliya pushes the bag out, and Tanu tells them that they will regret it. Abhi closes the door on her face.

The next scene shows Pragya fainting and Abhi carrying her to their bedroom as Aliya calls for the doctor. The doctor examines Pragya and tells the family members that she is fine and had fainted because of the stress and to let her rest.

Towards the end, Abhi tells Pargya that he is sorry for everything that has happened and that he promises he will always take care of her and their baby.