In the latest episode of Naagin 3, Vish tells the police officer about her desire of becoming a Naagrani. She says she will take over Bela’s place and will rule over the Naaglok. Vish says that she is worse than Vikrant. The officer furiously curses Vish by saying that one day she will have no one to love her. The officer dies and Vish is unable to control her tears. She closes his eyes and leaves.Also Read - Naagin 3 Fame Pearl V Puri Arrested on Charges of Rape And Molestation

Vikrant gets Bela to his room and takes care of her. Bela gets furious and asks Vikrant to confess everything to Mahir. Vikrant does not like the idea and cannot accept that Bela has forgotten their love. Bela tries to tell him understand that things have changed and that he should accept his fault. Vikrant tries to convince Bela to kill Mahir but Bela says that Mahir is innocent and that now they have to take help from the law for justice. Vikrant continues to persuade Bela to kill Mahir. Bela refuses it. Bela tells Vikrant how Mahir loves her and starts crying. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Contestants News: Naagin 3 Star Pearl V Puri Offered Rs 5 cr to Participate in New Season?

Vikrant asks Bela that if he goes and tells Mahir the truth then will he still accept her. Bela tells Vikrant that she will tell the truth to Mahir. Bela is determined that Mahir will understand. They go to open the gate but Mahir’s mother opens it instead. Vikrant now turns into Yuvi and Mahir’s mother takes away Bela. Vikrant is disappointed and Vish comes to calm him down. Yuvi says that he has to take the Naagmani without any wait then he can convince Bela to get her and kill Mahir. Also Read - Maharashtra News: 5 Killed, Many Critically Injured After Boiler Blast in Nagpur Sugar Factory

Vish is now happy as she thinks that she will take the Naagmani and be Vikrant’s partner.

Vish and Vikrant reach the place where the Naagmani is. Vish tries to steal the Naagmani but fails. Vikrant tells his plans to make Bela kill Mahir since that will make Bela lose her powers and Naagmani. After this, Vikrant can take it and become the king and get Bela as his Naagrani. Vish’s plan is to take it before Vikrant and to kill Bela and become his Naagrani. Vish even tries to convince him but Vikrant only wants Bela. Vish now plans to kill Bela but only after Vikrant gets the Naagmani.

Mahir’s mother, Bela and Anu’s best friend clean Anu’s wardrobe and Bela finds her mangtika that her mother gave her. Mahir’s mother is amazed to see this and says that Anu got it from the haveli. Bela remembers her mother.

Bela’s mother begs the Aghori to let go of her so that she can save Bela. The Aghori asks her to wait for the right time. Bela’s mother remembers Bela and plans to go to her.

Bela lights a candle and recalls how Mahir came close to her. Mahir comes and saves Bela from getting herself burnt and then stops Mahir from leaving. Mahir tries to go but then Bela questions him and says how can he believe someone who left her at the mandap. She tells him how important their marriage is to her. Mahir tells that Bela is cheating on him and that is why he wants to leave. Bela stops him and says that she has hidden just one thing from him. Bela tries to share her actual identity with Mahir but Mahir says that he knows Bela is a snake. Bela is surprised. Mahir says that he always knew and he even knew that she is the one killing all and taking her vengeance. Mahir says that he was waiting to know it from her directly. Mahir asks Bela to leave from his life. Bela starts leaving. Mahir stops her and then reveals that Vikrant was pretending to be Mahir. Bela gets irritated. Vikrant says that whatever happened to them was all planned by Mahir.