When director Abhishek Varma crafted Tere Bin Laden (original) back in 2010, the man had his heart (and the much-needed sense of humour) at the right place. The madness revolved around capturing the world’s most wanted terrorist was perfectly portrayed on celluloid—and laugh we did! In his haste to mount the sequel, Varma created a product, six years later, which is not exactly funny, after all! Clearly, the motive here was to take the sequel on another level—banking heavily on the tremendous accolade from the audiences and critics alike for the original — but that mission has not been accomplished here. ALSO READ: Watch what Manish Paul and Sikander Kher did to bag the role of homosexuals! Also Read - Sonam Kapoor Steps into the Shoes of ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and Looks Oh-So-Pretty, See PICS

You have all the lovable characters bunched up once again for the new one. Paddi Singh (Pradhuman Singh), Sugandha, Piyush Mishra (Khaleeli)—yes you have them all. But the same mission, with more or less the same narrative, makes this one a yawn-inducing fest. Had it not been for the antics of the solid characters, it was a task indeed for us to make our posterior glued to the seats till the end credits rolled. ALSO READ: Manish Paul: Don’t want to be restricted only to comedy Also Read - Anupam Kher Wishes His 'Dearest Kirron' on Her 65th Birthday With a Lovely Note And Some Throwback Pictures

Now if you have seen the trailer, you have pretty much seen the entire film! (Nope! we are not exaggerating folks!) The story moves in a linear fashion without springing much surprise or twists that can help you stay hooked to what is unfolding on the big screen. Manish Paul’s character Sharma is not exactly happy with his family business—that of making jalebis. He aspires to be a revolutionary filmmaker. His ambition gets him to the city of dreams. While chasing his dream of making it big in Bollywood Sharma spots Paddi Singh in a bus. He seduces to be a part of ambitious project. Now that Osama has been resurrected, all the hell breaks loose. Everybody from CIA stooges to the extremists to the American President everybody runs wanton to accomplish their goals. The action then moves from the island city of Mumbai to Pakistan to America bus the chaos generated thereafter is quite repetitive. The dearth of an original concept is felt greatly. Also Read - Umang 2020: Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Janhvi Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan And Other Bollywood Celebrities Look Stunning at Star-studded Event

What really works in favor of the movie is its strong characters. Everybody has done a decent job of what is expected from then. Sikandar Kher as David Chaddha, the Hollywood producer, deserves a special mention for the ease with which he has played the character that will make you giggle when the plot goes haywire. All in all, Tere Bin Laden Dead Or Alive, dosen’t exactly live up to the expectations.

Rating: 2 stars