There’s a substantial reason why one walked into the nearest theatre to review this one. Director Manish Jha gave us Mathrubhoomi in 2003. And we can’t believe that the same man can scar us by dishing out as boring an affair as The Legend Of Michael Mishra. ( One was also looking forward to watch Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani as the two had given us hopes after being paired up in the delightful watch that Jolly LLB was). The consequences of watching this one will be quite universal: An aching bum (it really is pain in the a** ) and a numb mind. The Legend Of Michael Mishra will seriously bore you out of your skull. ALSO READ: Punjab bans comedy film ‘The Legend of Michael Mishra’ Also Read - Sanjay Dutt's Cancer Diagnosis: Arshad Warsi Says 'He Will Emerge Triumphant'

If a reality show christened as Bihar Is Full Of Talent happens to be one of the best jokes in the movie, you can guess what one has signed up for. What actors like Boman and Arshad Warsi were thinking in their heads before signing on the dotted line is the question that will haunt us for the day! Warsi, who is known for his spontaneity, puts on a fake Bihari accent and snaps in and out of his character and even Boman Irani indices sleep with his antics. ALSO READ: The Legend of Michael Mishra trailer: Arshad Warsi seems out of place in this mishmash of Bhojpuri and the South (Watch video) Also Read - Watch: Boman Irani Wants to Spend The Next Lockdown With Shah Rukh Khan by His Side

The film revolves around the dhaba owner Pant (Boman Irani) who starts narrating the tale of Michael Mishra (Arshad Warsi) who falls for aspiring movie star Varsha (Aditi Rao Hydari). Mishra must leave the world of crime in order win the love of his life. What follows is a plot that has holes the size of lunar craters. Characters barely mumble their lines to bring some semblance of sensibility, but fail spectacularly at that; and you know the screenplay is  unfolding only to stretch you patience only to take to another level. ALSO READ:  Don’t call dance songs item numbers, says Aditi Rao Hydari Also Read - Watch Xerxes Irani Show How to Exercise Correctly as You Stay at Home During Lockdown

There comes a point through this two hour mindless affair that you stop looking at the screen and prefer to stick your nose into the smartphone. And even then the director is interested in taking the next frame and buffoonery it offers to a whole new level. Some other times it stoops so low that you stop caring and wait for the end credits to roll to heave a sigh of relief. 

Analysing this further, to put it mildly, is revisiting your worst nightmare. Naturally, one mUST refrain from doing that!  Folks, thank your stars for reading this piece even before entertaining the thought of catching this one over the weekend!

Our rating: 1/5