Why are there anti-social elements in our society and how do they end up committing some of the most heinous, abominable crimes, like the December 16th Delhi gangrape for is where Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s ‘Theri’ takes off. An upright cop, having a perspicacious understanding of it antagonises a highly influential fraction. What they decide to do to the central protagonist  and his peaceful, close-knit family life plays a very important part in the rest of the story. The trials and tribulations of the vigilante policeman and the various avatars that he takes, or rather finds himself taking up due to the circumstances around him forms the rest of the tale. Also Read - Radhe vs Sooryavanshi vs Master on Diwali 2020: Salman Khan Gets Ready For Festive Box Office After Akshay Kumar

After an immensely successful debut outing in Raja Rani, Atlee Kumar helms the film. GV Prakash Kumar has scored the music, and it also marks a landmark 50th film for the young music director. The supporting cast has two heroines, Samantha, who renews her association with Vijay after Kaththi, and Amy Jackson. ‘Motta’ Rajendran plays Vijay’s confidante through the course of the film and Baby Nainika, who plays the daughter. One of Tamil cinema’s legendary directors, Mahendran makes his acting debut. Veterans like Prabhu and Radhika also play crucial roles. Also Read: Theri Trailer: Ilayathalapathy Vijay mesmerises with multiple acts in this visual treat Also Read - Happy Birthday Thalapathy Vijay: From Kajal Aggarwal to Sivakarthikeyan, Celebs Pour Wishes For Master Actor

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The scene opens with Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) living a peaceful life in Kerala with his only daughter, with whom he enjoys a quirky, fun relationship. There are plenty of fun scenes in the opening quarter of the film. Joseph meets his daughter’s teacher, Annie (Amy) and develops an instant fondness for her. Things begin to take an interesting turn once a group of thugs decides to beat the daylights out of Joseph. The focus then shifts to Vijay Kumar (Vijay again), who is a stark contrast from the timid, soft-spoken Joseph. Vijay Kumar takes on the might of the miscreants in Chennai, using his own little ways to teach the baddies a lesson and do something about the issues that trouble him. There is also a mother-son relationship, which has it’s own cute moments. Vijay Kumar locks horns with a political bigwig (Mahendran) and trouble starts brewing from there. Telugu version of ‘Theri’ titled ‘Policeodu’

In the meanwhile, Vijay Kumar meets Mitra (Samantha) and love blossoms between the couple. How Mahendran and co decide to strike back, the casualties that are a part of his operation and the real the identity of Vijay’s different avatars and the significance of them leads to a predictable climax. The road to that is entertaining and engaging though and may turn out to be the perfect summer fare.


Theri is surely a landmark in Vijay’s career. As Vijay Kumar, Ilayathalapathy is in fine form. After a few out-and-out action films, which didn’t particularly set the box office on fire, the romance portions give an insight into how much Vijay can bring in the ‘Cute’ factor in his portrayals. Be it dance moves, jumping off a bridge or donning the roles of a husband, son, cop and a father, it is Vijay’s show all the way. Samantha plays a crucial part and takes off from where she left in Thangamagan. The actress is spot on with her expressions and shows that she has what it takes to be a powerhouse performer. Amy Jackson plays a neat part. Her curiosity helps in unravelling the mystery surrounding the life of Joseph. ‘Motta’ Rajendran evokes a few laughters, and is a revelation. Mahendran steals the show in his first outing. There has not been a more menacing antagonist that one has come across in recent times and he does that without any over-the-top histrionics.

The good and bad 

There are plenty of good moments, especially in the first half. Once the identities of Vijay are revealed, there is very little suspense left. The run-up to the climax could have been handled better. George C.Williams brilliantly captures the essence of Kerala and the lead actors look stunning. There is plenty in it for families. With the editing, yet again, it is the re-entry of VijayKumar that could have done away with a little more of finesse. Baby Nainika is bundle of cuteness. The stunts, are quite realistic to start with but question the laws of gravity in the final exchanges between Vijay and the henchmen.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5