TikToker Shadab Khan has been accused of sexual exploitation and rape by his ex-girlfriend. The complaint was lodged on January 3 at Naya Nagar police station after which Khan also filed a cross-complaint on January 11. The TikToker accused the girl and her family of extortion, criminal trespass, cheating, and defamation.Also Read - Pakistan TikToker Releases New Video After Backlash Over Viral Fire Clip, Says 'People Not Aware of Reality' | Watch

As reported by entertainment portal Spotboye, Khan said that he had broken up with the girl after their eight years of relationship. However, she allegedly started harassing him and demanding money. Shadab Khan alleged that he transferred Rs 5,70,000. “She cheated on me while being in relation with me for 8 years, thereafter she started demanding money putting me in fear which made me transfer her Rs. 5,70,000/-. Thereafter she even took my YouTube id and password, started defaming me openly on social media and when I sent her legal notice, she filed a false rape case against me. I am a happily married person now, but this girl has tarnished my image, name, and business by misusing the law and putting false statements without any proof,” he explained. Also Read - Viral Video: Pakistan TikTok Star Poses For A Video As Forest Fire Rages Behind Her, Leaves Internet Fuming | Watch

Khan’s lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan called it a ‘false rape case’ and maintained that his client is being targetted. He said that the sessions court has rejected the girl’s anticipatory bail and they are hopeful of getting justice. “We are highly disappointed with the order passed by Sessions court at Thane. The court has overlapped the judgments of the Supreme court and High court in false rape cases. It had failed to understand that long term relationships are not always rape. However, we are happy that the sessions court has taken into consideration the alleged criminal acts of the girl and has also rejected her own anticipatory bail. I am sure that the High Court will grant him anticipatory bail, as this case is completely on merit,” he said. Also Read - Twitter Likely Tests 'Liked by Author' Label For Tweets

Shadab and the girl broke up during the lockdown and the TikToker married another girl named Shalini Suryavanshi later. The lawyer went on to say that the girl was sent another notice in December last year after which both she and Shadab signed a mutual consent agreement wherein the girl was supposed to return all the alleged gifts Shadab gave to her including a diamond ring and a gold chain. The advocate said that the girl didn’t return any of his gifts and started making videos defaming him on social media. “The girl recently started making videos on him defaming him by various means by which she garnered immense subscribers and views on YouTube. Shadab approached me, I sent a legal defamation notice 14 days asking for 1 crore damages, returning of money and gifts, tender Apology and stop doing the said acts again. Out of fear she has registered false rape FIR,” he said.

The girl hasn’t yet spoken out on the matter.