Bigg Boss 13 contestants Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh have left host Salman Khan fuming with anger over their increasing violence in the house. The ex-flames have been slammed for their recent display of aggression. Now, as per the latest reports, the Dabangg actor will be seen throwing Madhurima out of the house for breaking rules and getting violent. Also Read - Entertainment News Today, January 18: Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Lashes Out at Paras Chhabra For His Intimacy With Mahira Sharma, Latter Locks Horn With Actor

In the promo released, Salman can be enacting Madhurima when she had hit Vishal with a frying pan multiple times. He then tells Vishal that it’s not only her fault but he has instigated her by first throwing water on her face. He also tells him that he has asked him before to take care and respect Madhurima in the house and to not indulge in any dirty fights. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: #ChartbusterSid Trends on Twitter, Fans Already Declare Sidharth Shukla as The Winner

Watch the promo here:

Earlier this week, Madhurima got upset with Vishal’s behaviour and started teasing him by calling him ‘behenji’. Vishal asked Madhurima to stop calling him that but she did not stop. Then, he threw water on her and she did the same. Later, Madhurima lost her cool and hits Vishal with a frying pan multiple times until and unless the pan breaks down. They even run behind each other and constantly keep poking. However, the inmates come in the middle of their fight to stop them from exchanging the ugly war of words.

Recently, Madhurima Tuli’s mother Vijaya has slammed housemate Vishal Aditya Singh’s behaviour towards her daughter. The show witnessed some of the most violent exchanges between Madhurima and Vishal, with the most recent one happening when Madhurima Tuli started beating her former boyfriend Vishal, leading to severe punishments.

“I am saddened by what is happening. You have no idea what goes on in a parent’s heart when something of this sort takes place. Madhurima was very wrong in beating up Vishal but she has never reacted in this extreme manner. Her bottled up frustration came out after Vishal’s provocation,” Vijaya Tuli told, while opening up on her daughter’s behaviour and the words Vishal used for her.

Vijaya pointed out Vishal is an aggressive person, and that he has mentioned about anger management issues in the past. “He told me about his anger management issues. In fact, he was also wearing pearls suggested by an astrologer to calm down,” she said.