Delhi: Actor Ankita Lokhande has returned to play Archana on-screen with Pavitra Rishta 2.0. She and Shaheer Sheikh have received appreciation for bringing back Archana and Manav exactly like how people expected from them. However, there’s still something that just doesn’t let Ankita move on. The actor has begun a new life with her fiance Vicky Jain but she continues to be subjected to mindless trolling on social media because of her relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput, whom she had dated a few years back.Also Read - Pavitra Rishta 2.0 Review: Love Conquers All And so Does Archana And Manav's Chemistry!

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Ankita mentioned how she and Vicky have created their own peace that the trolls can’t disturb. She said that even though she understands the emotions of those who are speaking for Sushant but she doesn’t understand why she becomes the target of their insensitivity every now and then. Sushant reportedly died of suicide in June last year and Ankita has been at the forefront of the entire controversy since then. When asked how does her fiance deal with this, she said that he has gone away from social media and they have found their own calm away from this world. Also Read - Pavitra Rishta 2 Twitter Review: Fans Call Ankita Lokhande-Shaheer Sheikh's Show 'Masterpiece'

“He is not on social media anymore. There was an account where only my photos kept getting uploaded. But, even that’s not there now. The reason being he also received a lot of criticism on social media when Sushant left. We both are okay with people commenting or saying bad things about us. We are not answerable to people. We have a separate life of our own and we are happy there. What people are thinking about us doesn’t affect us. We are not worried. Social media is not our life. He often tells me ‘mat dalo meri video‘ but I want to put something sometimes. If people choose to troll us there, it’s their wish. I will not judge them the way they judge me,” Ankita explained. Also Read - Ankita Lokhande To Marry Boyfriend Vicky Jain Soon? Pavitra Rishta Co-Star Shaheer Sheikh Almost Reveals It All

The actor, who was in a live-in relationship with Sushant for a few years, added that she knows how much he had mattered to him and people will never understand the depth of the bond that they had cherished. She said, “People who are fighting for Sushant start talking bad about me, I am okay with that also. They have their emotions for Sushant but they have to understand that I have not done anything wrong to him. I have been there for him… I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe they will understand one day what he meant to me and what I have been for him. Until then, I see trolling and I choose to ignore it. I don’t go on social media and check what people are talking about me.”

Ankita also talked about loving her character Archana from her heart and soul. She said that she’s lucky to have got the opportunity to relive a character that was always so close to her heart because not many actors get to do that in their lives. Watch out this space for our full interview with Ankita Lokhande!