Anuj Kapadia’s entry in the popular Star Plus show Anupamaa has won everyone’s heart. He is smart, understanding, loyal and charming. Fans have time and again mentioned how Anuj Kapadia is the man Anupama really deserves. However, one must not miss how Anuj’s entry in the show is bringing back ’90s romance in the show. No, not just because it is now becoming the love story of two adults, but because the makers of the show are being careful in extracting the sensitivity and innocence of their relationship.Also Read - Anupamaa: Anuj Kapadia Is Lovestruck With Anupama’s Glimpse And It Will Give You DDLJ Vibes

Anupamaa: The refreshing twist with Anuj Kapadia’s entry

After Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce, fans were curious to know what will happen next. The makers tried to bring in some new perspective by making Anupama living under the same roof with Vanraj and Kavya even after the divorce, that just didn’t seem enough for entertainment. The daily scuffles between Anupama, Vanraj, and Kavya was making this show no different from any other daily soap. However, Anuj Kapadia’s entry as Anupama’s college crush has finally brought in something new and unique to the plot. This has also made the audience think about something really poignant – a middle-aged love story is not awkward, but beautiful! Also Read - Anupamaa: Asha Bhosle Shares Her 'Strong Views' On Rupali Ganguly Starrer Show, Calls It 'Need Of Hour'

Reminiscing ’90s romance with Anuj Kapadia

Remember what did Anupama call Anuj when they met for the first time at the college reunion party? Ghalib Kapadia. It was Anuj’s shayari that not only brought a smile to Anupama’s face but won fans’ hearts as well. Add to it Kumar Sanu’s songs everytime Anuj thinks of Anupama and you have a perfect mix of the romance that is stylised to appeal to the masses who have grown up on the ’90s Bollywood. The writers are making sure that the viewers do not forget that it isn’t a 21st-century love story. Both, Anupama and Anuj are old school and so is their budding romance – old but gold! Also Read - Anupamaa: 3 Befitting Replies By Anupama To 3 Different Taunts In Upcoming Episode Will Win Your Heart

Showing their protagonists marrying twice or thrice is very common in any daily soap, but waiting for your true love for 26 years isn’t! Remember when Anuj Kapadia revealed to Gopi Kaka how he had planned to propose to Anupama, but he eventually kept his feelings hidden after seeing how happy and excited she was upon marrying Vanraj? That’s where the beauty of this college days love story lies. ‘Move-on’ or ‘yeh gaye toh koi aur ayegi (some other girl will enter your life)’ are not the ideas resonating with Anuj’s love for Anupama. It is his loyalty, innocence of his ek tarfa pyaar and love that is hard to find in today’s world, which makes the story unique and nostalgic.

Anupamaa: Love that beats patriarchy and misogyny!

Anuj Kapadia not only loves Anupama, but cares for her and understands her. He has repeatedly mentioned how she is a strong and independent woman – one who does not need him to be successful. Anuj is aware that while he is head-over-heels in love with Anupama, she does not have any feelings for him. He understands and respects this. In the time, when it’s easy to see a woman in her 40s as just a mother of 3 or a homemaker, Anuj sees her beyond the tag ‘thepla banane vali’. For him, Anupama is this eternally lovable woman who is independent, confident, smart, thoughtful, responsible, and unstoppable in every sense. She’s the woman of substance and Anuj has always known this and respected this.

Anuj and Anupama have just started connecting with each other. While their relationship still seems really far, the fact that there’s a show which deals with an unlabelled relationship so beautifully is an absolute joy! Anupamaa is on top of the TRP charts for a few weeks now and it rightly deserves to be there … doesn’t it?