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Anupama Breaks Down After Baa’s Curse, Upset Fans Say ‘Show us MaAn, Not Mahanata’ – Anupamaa Written Update, March 31

Anupamaa written update, March 31: Anupama and Bapuji tell everyone to either attend the #MaAn wedding or go to hell. Baa gets irked and starts cursing Anupama. This upsets fans. Read the fans' reaction to the latest episode here.

Updated: March 31, 2022 3:30 PM IST

By Entertainment Desk | Edited by Vineeta Kumar

Anupama Breaks Down After Baa's Curse, Upset Fans Say 'Show us MaAn, Not Mahanata' - Anupamaa Written Update, March 31
Anupama Breaks Down After Baa's Curse, Upset Fans Say 'Show us MaAn, Not Mahanata' - Anupamaa Written Update, March 31 (Photo Courtesy: Star Plus)

Anupamaa Written Update March 31: Even though the episode began on a high note with Anupama and Bapuji telling all to either attend her wedding with Anuj Kapadia or go to hell (literally), the end of the episode didn’t really impress the viewers. After Anupama’s 60-page long speech that has continued for three episodes now, Baa went berserk and started cursing Anupama.

Once Bapuji took the charge and warned everyone against causing any kind of problem at the #MaAn wedding, Baa took out her thaali and chamcha and started beating them to create noise. Shen then cursed Anupama and manifested her unhappiness and a broken marriage in the universe. Baa said she is immensely hurt by whatever Anupama and Bapuji said about going ahead with the wedding with or without her blessings and now, she will make sure that this wedding doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. She wishes for Anupama to suffer and doesn’t find peace with Anuj. This shatters Anupama who breaks down completely and that’s exactly what the fans are unhappy about.

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Check how the #MaAn fans are reacting to the latest episode of Anupamaa:

Most fans are of the opinion that Bapuji shouldn’t be insisting on performing the wedding rituals at the Shah house in front of those who hate Anupama. Some fans are upset with Anupama for continuing to give respect to Baa despite her constant harassment. Fans took to Twitter to say that showing Anupama as a fighter first and then showing her breaking down because of Baa spewing venom is not a progressive storyline, but it brings Anupama back to where she had started. What do you think of this and the future of the #MaAn wedding? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!

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