In the upcoming episode of Anupama, Vanraj will be seen developing feelings for Anupama after he goes back to his home post his accident. As the Shah family celebrates Makar Sakranti, Vanraj approaches Anupama and proposes to her. He tells Anupama that after he moved out of the house, he started realising her value in his life and loves her. He goes on to ask if she can accept him back in her life. Anupama gets teary-eyed as Vanraj says ‘I Love You’ to her. It will be interesting to watch if Anupama will accept Vanraj back to her life and how Kavya will react to the situation.Also Read - Anupamaa Fame Madalsa Sharma Reveals Who Is The Real Villain - Kavya or Vanraj? | Exclusive

Meanwhile, Kavya is highly insecure with the increasing intimacy between Anupama and Vanraj. She has now shifted to the neighbourhood where the Shah family resides and is keeping a close eye at Vanraj. She even goes on to ask Nandini if Anupama and Vanraj sleep together in a room. She then goes on to say that Vanraj is only hers and she loves him a lot. Nandini, on the other hand, asks Kavya to forget him and move on. Also Read - Anupamaa Big Update: Vanraj Says ‘Malvika is Mukku For Me’; Now Anupama Wards Off Evil Eye For Anuj 

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On the other hand, Nandini and Samar’s love story has developed. Nandini has fallen in love with Samar and the same he has read in her diary. However, Nandini is still unaware that Samar knows that she is in love with him.

Will Anupama accept Vanraj back in her life?

How will Kavya react to this situation considering her insecurities?

Watch this space for the latest updates!