Mumbai: Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey has finally reacted to the rumours of a rift between him and his co-star Rupali Ganguly. He dismissed the reports and said that there is ‘nothing wrong’ between them and a ‘difference of opinion’ isnt unusual but calling it a ‘rift’ is too dramatic. Speaking to an entertainment portal, he said, “Rupali and I are good co-actors and friends, too. There is nothing wrong between us. And a difference of opinion between two actors at times is very normal and can happen any day. There are so many times when you don’t agree on something and get a little upset but then it is over. And that happens not only with actors working on the sets, it also happens between two individuals at home. Rift or cold war are too strong words to use.”Also Read - Anupama Turns Savage After Anuj Asks Her to be Confident: 'Na Main Namak...' | Anupamaa Written Update, June 22

Earlier this week, Madalsa Sharma Aka Kavya, too, reacted to the rumours and called it ‘rubbish’. “What rubbish. These are just rumours. Nothing of this sort is happening”, she said. Also Read - Anupama-Anuj Kapadia's First Argument as Married Couple, #MaAn Fans Say 'Bhalai Isi Me Hai...'

A source also said, “There is no truth to these rumours. We have never heard of it. The whole cast is too mature to indulge in cold war or groupism. No discord has come to the notice of the channel. Such stories are circulated by fans to create fan wars. Something similar happened with Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin as well.” Also Read - Anupamaa’s Aneri Vajani Aka Mukku Reveals She is Dating Someone And He is Not Harsh Rajput

Earlier, reports emerged on the internet claiming that there is a cold war between Rupali and Sudhanshu. It is being said that the cast has been divided into two groups – Rupali formed it along with Alpana Buch, Aashish Mehrotra, and Muskan Bamne while Sudhanshu has formed a group with Anagha Bhonsale, Madalsa Sharma, and Paras Kalnawat.