Anupamaa June 28, 2021, Written Update: The last episode ended with Kavya expressing her excitement about cracking a big deal at the office. She says that she has never handled such a big client and she does not have experience of the same. She further asks Vanraj for his guidance and he happily agrees. However, Kinjal taunts him in front of the entire family over his ‘small-time job’ and says that he will only help you if he will get time from serving coffees at the cafe.Also Read - Anupama Turns Savage After Anuj Asks Her to be Confident: 'Na Main Namak...' | Anupamaa Written Update, June 22

Tonight’s episode begins with Anupamaa telling Kavya that Vanraj will not stay in the cafe forever, he will also come back home after a day’s work. Kinjal then tells him that she will send him a copy of the project file and requests him to read it once. Kavya then tells him that Mr Dholakia (Kinjal’s boss) is happy with their work but if he feels that any changes are required, then she can try to convince the boss. Breaking the awkward situation created by Kavya, Anupamaa smiles and lights up the lamp in the home temple. After lighting the lamp, Anupamaa seems concerned. Also Read - Anupama-Anuj Kapadia's First Argument as Married Couple, #MaAn Fans Say 'Bhalai Isi Me Hai...'

Later, while Anupamaa is seen chopping some green vegetables in the lawn area, Samar tries to cheer her up and asks what is bothering her. She says that she is not sad but is just thinking. Samar then jokes about Nandini and his wedding and Anupamaa playfully replies that there are many problems in the world other than my son’s love. She then tells Samar that she is worried about Kinjal. With the new project, she has even more responsibilities at work and she doesn’t want Kinjal and Kavya to get tied up in the household chores. Also Read - Anupamaa’s Aneri Vajani Aka Mukku Reveals She is Dating Someone And He is Not Harsh Rajput

Samar then makes Anupamaa understands that in freeing Kavya and Kinjal from the household chores, she should not get tied up in it as they require money to sustain as they have bills to pay apart from the massive medical bill that they need to pay to Dr Advait. She says that everything will be managed but Samar reminds her of her health issues. He tells her that she has not recovered properly and needs to take a rest, as well.

However, this leaves Anupamaa worried again. Samar then offers to help in household chores and dance classes. Bapuji and Pakhi also offer to help Anupamaa with the housework. Later, Baa also joins in helping in household chores. Anupamaa then decides that they all will together manage the housework and Kavya and Kinjal can only focus on their careers. Baa, Bapuji, Samar, Pakhi, and Anupamaa have a gala time working together.

Anupamaa gets a call from her brother Bhavesh and learns about her mother’s sickness. She breaks down in tears and says that her mother needs her as she is bedridden but how can she leave home when even Jhilmil is not there. Baa then convinces her to go to her mother’s place as she needs her. Baa suggests that Bhavesh’s son can live with them and Samar will deliver tea every day to his grandmother. Bapuji says that they all can manage the housework without Anupamaa’s help for a few days.

The next morning, Kinjal comes to the kitchen while Anupamaa is working. Kinjal offers to help Anupamaa but she rather asks her to focus on her work and forget about the chores in the house. Everyone in the house, except Kavya and Kinjal, lends their hand to Anupamaa. Vanraj comes to the kitchen and asks about her mother’s health. She updates him on her health and he offers his help. If needed. Vanraj also offers to help her in the kitchen and further asks her to take care of her health.

As Vanraj comes out of the kitchen, he finds Kavya in the hallway and gets pissed instantly. He then asks her to start with her nagging as she saw him talking to Anupamaa. He then asks Kavya to stop controlling him as he is not her servant. Baa asks Kinjal to give her the tiffin box of Paritosh and her so that she can fill the lunch for them. Kinjal then gives Baa the tiffin and Kavya tells her that if there was a maid in this house, then they would have no problem.  She further manipulates that Anupamaa left for her work but she got tied up in the household work. Kavya gives back to her by saying that Anupamaa completed all the work and then left for school. She further informs her that everyone in the house had helped her and rather she did not do any work today. Kavya rolls her eyes.

Anupamaa comes back home and informs Baa-Bapuji about her mother’s health and says that she needs to be admitted to the hospital. Kinjal and Kavya also come back from work and asks about Anupama’s rush. Baa informs that her mother is not well and says that they will order pizza for dinner. She asks Kinjal to make 2-3 rotis for only Bapuji. Listening to it, Kavya smiles and she finally got a chance to manipulate Kinjal. Kinjal gets pissed as she comes tired from a long day of office. Kavya once again takes the opportunity to brainwash Kinjal and says that if they can order pizza, they can also order chapatis from outside but they just need an excuse to see their daughter-in-law in the kitchen. Kinjal then tells her that Bapuji can’t eat outside food. Kavya says that Anupamaa should have thought about it and could have made two rotis before leaving.

Kinjal then goes and prepares rotis but Baa posters her by saying to make thin chapatis as Bapuji eats it like that. Kinjal makes breakfast for Baa but she says that it’s uncooked. She gets upset and Kavya gets another chance of targeting Kinjal. Baa complains to Anupamaa about Kinjal’s cooking and she makes Baa understand that she can’t cook perfectly in a few days, she needs time and we need to support her. Kinjal while being in an office meeting, makes tea for Baa but she complains about it. Being irritated at Baa’s constant taunts, she gets into a heated argument with her and Kavya enjoys it. Kavya burst out in anger and says that she cannot be Anupamaa. She further says that Anupamaa has been working for years but she can’t work like her in just two days. Kinjal says that instead of appreciating her efforts, Baa is constantly taunting her. She further says that Anupamaa leaves in the morning and comes home at night, and she is the one who gets tangled in the household chores. Unaware of Anupamaa’s presence in the room, Kinjals takes Anupamaa’s name. She then turns and sees Anupamaa standing. Kavya adds fuel to the whole fight. Anupamaa then scolds Kinjal for her rude behaviour towards Baa. Kavya supports Kinjal but Anupamaa asks her to not add fuel to the fire and keep at least some difference between her and her maid Geeta.

Kavya then informs Rakhi Dave about the whole household chores burden on Kinjal. She comes to the Shah house and threatens them that she will put them behind bars for torturing their daughter. Anupamaa then warns Rakhi to not misbehave with Bapuji.