Anupamaa June 29, 2021, Written Update: The previous episode ended with Anupamaa scolding Kinjal. Reverting back to her mother-in-law, she said that Baa treats her differently and Anupamaa differently. Tonight’s episode begins with Kinjal telling Anupamaa that she is perfect but she is not. However, it is difficult for Baa to understand this little thing. She further said that it is not important to compare all the daughters-in-law in the house to Anupamas. Baa and Anupamaa are shocked at Kinjal’s changed behaviour but Kavya is seen enjoying the fight. She said that because of the comparison with Anupamaa, no other daughter-in-law will be able to make their place in the house nor she will ever be accepted. Baa asks Kinjal what is the fault of Anupamaa if she can’t be like her. Kinjal then says that this is what she is talking about and go backs to her room. Kavya again adds fuel to the fire and says that now Kinjal has also accepted that the real cause of the problem is Anupamaa. Kinjal who has always been supportive of Anupamaa and has acknowledged her struggles spoke against her. Her attitude has upset everyone in the Shah house and she did not realise she has done anything wrong.Also Read - Anupama Turns Savage After Anuj Asks Her to be Confident: 'Na Main Namak...' | Anupamaa Written Update, June 22

As Anupamaa gets teary-eyed, Baa explains to her that she did not scold Kinjal with intention of her feeling bad and then apologises to her. On the other hand, Kavya added fuel to the entire fight by informing Rakhi Dave about the Shah family making her daughter slog in the kitchen. Kavya informs Rakhi that the family does not want to keep a maid and Anupamaa has got some extra work from school, plus her mother is ill and therefore she comes home late at night. Baa is busy swinging on the home swing and the household chores burden is entirely on Kinjal now. She further says that Kinjal lost her cool and reacted against Baa and Anupamaa after she keeps getting scolded for not being as perfect as Anupamaa and no one appreciates her. She also tells Rakhi that Anupamaa and Baa keep torturing her. She further asks Rakhi if she will come to meet her daughter. Rakhi gets angry at Anupamaa. Also Read - Anupama-Anuj Kapadia's First Argument as Married Couple, #MaAn Fans Say 'Bhalai Isi Me Hai...'

Upset Anupamaa sits outside the house and opens her heart out to Bapuji. She tells Bapuji that she promised Kinjal that she will be her mother and not mother-in-law and even promised her that she will never get entangled in household chores as she did. She blames herself for Kavya’s reaction and calls herself a failure. In the next scene, Kinjal is having trouble focusing on her work, Paritosh comes back home from the office and asks her about her feud with Anupamaa and Baa. Kinjal tells him that Anupamaa will never tell such things to you, it must be Baa who complained to him about her. He says that Kavya informed him about the fight and asks her what happened. Kinjal says that according to Baa, she is bad at housework but her standards for it are too high to match. Anupamaa goes to talk to Kinjal and Bapuji asks Baa to control her anger because of her pestering Kinjal, now there is a crack between Kinjal and Anupamaa’s relationship. Leela says that even her mother-in-law made her learn like this. Bapuji says that the time was different back then as women never used to go out and work but in today’s time, women are also working in the corporate world along with managing household chores. He says that the most difficult thing is to be a daughter-in-law of a joint Indian family. Bapuji makes Leela understand that she is Kinjal and doesn’t try to make her Anupamaa. Also Read - Anupamaa’s Aneri Vajani Aka Mukku Reveals She is Dating Someone And He is Not Harsh Rajput

Paritosh makes Kinjal understand, on the other hand, that people make you learn and explains things using examples and Baa did the same thing as there cannot be a better example than Anupamaa but Kinjal gets irked. He says that there is a way by which every family works – they follow traditions that his grandmother taught Baa, Baa taught Anupamaa and now she is trying to make her learn. But Kinjal reverts back by saying that many such things are not relevant in today’s time. Paritosh gave her the example of office work – he says that presentation can be in a landscape mode or portrait mode but she asked Kavya to only make it in landscape mode, why did she do that. She replies because she is habituated to making presentations in the landscape mode. He says that’s what exactly he is trying to make her understand. It will take time for her to adopt certain habits and Baa will also take time to change some of her habits.

Anupamaa, who is about to knock at Kinjal-Paritosh’s room, gets startled by Kavya’s presence. She says that even she is trying to understand what are they talking about but is not able to hear it. Kinjal then asks Anupamaa to get out of her and Vanraj’s space in the house. Anupamaa leaves. Paritosh asks Kinjal to not become like Kavya. Ultimately, after Kinjal’s constant overreaction, Paritosh gets upset with her.

In the evening, Paritosh, Baa, and Anupamaa are busy with their respective works and are not talking to anybody. Samar asks Paritosh if something happened in the house. Vanraj finally asks Kavya if she has done something wrong and she informs Vanraj that this time it is Anupamaa and not her. Rakhi Dave comes to the Shah residence and screams Anupamaa’s name. Rakhi reminds Anupamaa about her promise to accept Kinjal as the daughter of the house. She says that she has educated her and made her worth of corporate world not to be their maid in the home. Rakhi says that the Shah family is not worthy of Kinjal’s love. Vanraj interrupts Rakhi and asks her mind her language and Rakhi asks Vanraj to mind his attitude. Vanraj and Rakhi get into an ugly war of words and Bapuji asks them to stop the drama. Bapuji says that without knowing the whole truth, she is creating a scene that is not a good thing to do. Rakhi further threatens Bapuji and she will put the entire family behind bars.

In tomorrow’s episode, Kinjal finally comes down the ballroom and sees her mother shouting at the Shah family. She says that her daughter will not work in the kitchen. Anupamaa promises Kinjal that she will not let her be another Anupamaa. As always, Kavya rejoices.