Anupamaa June 30, 2021, Written Update: In the last night’s episode, viewers watched how Rakhi Dave created a big drama at the Shah residence and threatened them by saying that she will put each family member behind the bars for ‘torturing’ her daughter Kinjal by ‘forcing’ her to do household chores.Also Read - Anupamaa Fans Upset With Makers For Normalising Toxic Behaviour of Elders: Just Because Barkha is Younger Than Baa...' | Written Update, June 29

Tonight’s episode begins with Anupamaa telling Rakhi Dave that she felt equally bad when Kinjal was burdened with household chores. She further promises her that Kinjal will not face any difficulty in this house from now onwards. Rakhi smirks at her when Anupamaa calls Kinjal her daughter and says that if Anupamaa had considered Kinjal as her daughter, she would have never been in such a situation. Baa gives back to Rakhi by saying that all the household work is being done by Anupamaa but when she is not available, she asked Kinjal to make chapattis and tea. Since Jhilmil is on leave and Anupamaa’s mother is sick, every member in the house is doing their bit to help in household chores. She further accepts her fault and says that she should have not pestered Kinjal and find faults in her cooking. Rakhi says that Baa has a habit of taunting people but Kinjal does not have a habit of listening to Baa’s taunts. Baa says that she would have done it herself but she did not know that by asking Kinjal to help in household chores, such a big issue will be created. Also Read - Anupamaa Written Update, June 28: Kinjal's God Bharai Function to go Downhill? Drama Seems Ready

Kinjal then comes to the living room and says that the work was never an issue but comparison with Anupamaa is the issue. Rakhi says that educated and working women cannot work hours in the kitchen after coming back home from the office. Baa says that household chores are no less than the work in an office and ask what a working and educated woman will do if the maid goes on leave and her children are hungry. She then explains that cooking in your own house does not make you a maid. Leela further says that they are not poor people who are not keeping a maid to save money but are just waiting for Jhilmil to come back. Samar supports Baa and said that he also does household chores but that does not make him a servant and feels that each member should help in the housework. He then asks Kinjal if Paritosh, Pakhi, or he ever asked her to cook something for them in the kitchen. Pakhi also agrees and says that she makes her own coffee and one-day Bapuji made coffee for her. Rakhi said that the entire Shah family is targeting her daughter. She further calls Pakhi ‘badtameez ladki’ and Samar asks her to learn to behave herself first. When Anupamaa tries to calm him down, he says ‘enough is enough’ and Vanraj supports him. Kavya asks him to not get involved in the issue and Vanraj asks her to shut up. Baa says that Kavya has fueled up the small issue. Rakhi reverts back and says that even though Kavya was the one to add fuel to the fire, the fire was created by Anupamaa. Also Read - Anupama Turns Savage After Anuj Asks Her to be Confident: 'Na Main Namak...' | Anupamaa Written Update, June 22

Paritosh surprised at Rakhi’s remarks towards his family, asks her to not speak ill but Rakhi accuses him of not supporting his wife. Kinjal asked Paritosh to not get involved but Vanraj asks why he should not be involved when he is a member of the family. Kavya then said that maid also came to live in this house but Anupamaa had thrown her out of the house. If today maid was still there, there would not have been an issue. Baa tells Kavya that the maid she hired was just like her and there was a reason to throw her out of the job. She then clarifies Kinjal willingly did the household chores and nobody ‘forced’ her and we only tied to make her learn so that in the future there never a time comes when an outsider tells Kinjal that she is not good at what she does. Rakhi again accuses Shah family of targeting Kinjal. Pakhi asks Kinjal to make her mother understand to not talk to Baa in this tone. Kinjal asks her to not get involved in the issue. Samar tells his bhabhi that she doesn’t want anyone to get involved and yet wants to speak out her point of view, which is not fair. Kinjal then tells Paritosh that it is wrong because what’s happening in the house is wrong. Everyone starts shouting and Rakhi clears out that it is wrong for Kinjal to do household chores and it is wrong to not keep a maid. Anupama gets disturbed as she quietly looks at the drama created in her home.

Anupamaa finally says that everyone is wrong here and no one is at fault here, it’s all about the perception. She further said that it is wrong to be stubborn and not even making an attempt to understand what the other person is trying to make her understand. Anupamaa tells Kinjal that she does not need to do any household work, she will manage it herself, all she needs to do is focus on her career. She tells each member of the house that no one will ask Kinjal to work in the house. She further requests to not talk rudely to the elderly people in the house and promises her that she will never let her become another Anupamaa and apologises to her.

Even though the drama ends, Anupamaa is upset over Kinjal’s changed behaviour. On the other hand, Vanraj tells Kavya that she could have helped Kinjal as she is already very pressurised and she is not a guest anymore in the house nor other people are her servants. Kavya shouts at him and says that when no one considers her daughter-in-law, how can she even behave like one. Vanraj then tells her that he doesn’t expect anything from her and is sure that Anupamaa will make things right. Kavya gets furious. Vanraj tells her that no one likes ugly fights in their home except Rakhi Dave and her. Kavya asks if he thinks she intentionally added fuel to the fire so that Anupamaa and Kinjal be at loggerheads. Vanraj asks her to please stop brainwashing Kinjal as Rakhi Dave is enough for that. Kavya then thinks that whatever happened today was fun and the issue must have broken Anupamaa from inside.

Baa comes to Anupamaa’s room and tells her that there is no need to wake up at 4 am and cook food for everyone. She further gets emotional and apologises to Anupamaa. Baa expresses that she felt bad when Kinjal talked back at her. Anupamaa then explains that even Sweety had talked back several times but we always forgive her so why can’t we forgive Kinjal. Baa believes that Kinjal complained about her in-laws to her mother Rakhi Dave. Anupamaa tells Baa that Kinjal is not the one to inform her mother about the issue but she does not know how Rakhi Dave got to know about it. Anupamaa thinks that she needs to make sure that there is no crack between Kinjal and Baa’s relationship.

In tomorrow’s episode, the Shah family is worried about Kinjal’s whereabouts as she comes late at night along with Kavya after an office party. Kavya says that they lost the track of time at the party. Anupamaa tells Kinjal that she could have informed somebody in the house that she will be late to come home as Baa-Bapuji were worried and did not even have their dinner yet. Kavya once again talks rudely To Anupamaa and tells her that she did not do a crime by coming home late. Kavya then calls Kinjal ‘Beautiful’ (As Anupamaa calls her). Anupamaa warns Kavya in front of the entire family that she is ready to share the love of her children with her but if she uses them against her, it will not be good for her.