Actor Ashiesh Roy passed away on Monday due to kidney failure and left his only sister with the promises that he didn’t get to fulfill.  In an interview with Bombay Times, the late actor’s sister, Conica Halder, who was his only family after the death of their parents, recalled his brother’s words and the life he had. Conica mentioned that Ashiesh could have been saved if he was taken to the hospital that day and had he turned up for his dialysis that was scheduled for the same day.Also Read - Sasural Simar Ka Actor Ashiesh Roy Passes Away Due To Kidney Failure at 55, Celebs Pour Condolence

An emotional Conica revealed that the doctors treating her brother told her how they could have saved his life but no one called the ambulance at the right time. She said that the Sasural Simar Ka actor would always ask his house-help to not call her and bother her in case of any health issue as she has been staying in Kolkata and it would worry her, and the staff did the same that day also. Conica said that if someone from the staff had informed her about his health, she would have immediately called for an ambulance. Also Read - Ashiesh Roy Discharged From Hospital as he Cannot Pay For Treatment, Says, 'I Have Not Received Any Help'

“He was scheduled to undergo dialysis that morning. He said that he was feeling weak, and when I asked him to call the doctor, he told me not to worry. I don’t think his (domestic) help understood the seriousness of the situation. Upar se, in case of emergencies, Ashiesh would always ask that boy to not inform me as I live in Kolkata. If I had been informed, I could have called a doctor and an ambulance in time and he could have been given oxygen support. But, that call wasn’t made to me. His dialysis technicians told me that he didn’t turn up that day. They also said that they could have saved his life, had he contacted them soon,” she explained. Also Read - Ashiesh Roy on Getting Financial Help: I'll Return All Money Once Shooting of my TV Show Commences

Conica went on to reveal that she had decided to take Ashiesh with her to Kolkata realising that there was no one to look after him in Mumbai, however, he insisted on waiting until his flat gets sold. She added that though her brother remained adamant, she had talked him into shifting to Kolkata after celebrating Christmas and New Year in Mumbai and they were just waiting for the year to end. “The plan was to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Mumbai and then move to Kolkata just before my daughter’s school reopens, whether his flat is sold or not,” she said.

Ashiesh was content with his life, however, he had one regret: that he didn’t take care of his health. Conica said that he would tell her how he was now going to look after his health and live longer.

Ashiesh suffered a renal failure during lockdown after which he was put on dialysis. He’s remembered for his brilliant comic timings and acting prowess. May his soul rest in peace!