Actor Ashiesh Roy continues to be admitted to the hospital after suffering a paralytic stroke. The actor has appealed to fans and other people for financial aid, however, he hasn’t received any substantial help yet. In his latest interview with Spotboye, the Sasural Simar Ka actor revealed that his friend Sooraj Thapar has now reached out to Salman Khan through his NGO Being Human hoping for a positive response and that’s his last hope. Ashiesh added that he has no idea how his hospital bills will be paid as he already paid Rs 2 lakh and is now penniless.Also Read - Ashiesh Roy Asks Hospital to Discharge, Says 'Treatment Will Cost Rs 4 Lakh, I Don't Have Money'

Ashiesh, popular for his role in another TV show Mere Ange Mein, went on to say that his two friends Sooraj and writer Habib Faisal are trying their best to collect some financial assistance but nothing is helping. He was quoted saying, “Inspite of sharing my bank details on social media, no major help has come my way. My friend Sooraj Thapar is also trying his best to do the arrangements but unfortunately due to the lockdown, he is restricted too. Now, the only hope I have is with Salman Khan. I am trying to reach out to him or his foundation, Being Human, through Sooraj as he has worked with Salman.” Also Read - Ashiesh Roy Reveals he Doesn’t Have a Single Penny, Already Paid Rs 2 Lakh to Hospital

The actor’s health has not improved and there’s still a lot of water retention in his body. Ashiesh said he’s neither feeling better nor managing enough funds for his treatment further. He is currently being kept at a special ward because of COVID-19 and that is adding more to the bill. The actor is in miserable condition and needs help at earliest. Also Read - Sasural Simar Ka’s Ashiesh Roy Suffers a Paralytic Stroke, Admitted in ICU; Asks Fans For Urgent Financial Help