Anupamaa latest episode update: The viewers will finally see Anupamaa taking a big decision for her self-respect: leaving the Shah house and the toxicity of people like Vanraj, Baa, and Toshu behind. When she comes back from her professional trip after struggling with bad weather, Vanraj begins to shame her and question her character. This makes her furious and she decides to leave the Shah house to have a life sans harassment and torture – something that her fans have been wanting her to do for a long time.Also Read - Anuj Kapadia Says 'I Love You Anupama' Before Goons Attack Him, Fans Demand Hospital Romance Now!

Anupama even stops Baa from insulting her and tells all that she cannot live with those who constantly keep looking for opportunities to shame her and criticise her. “Bahot hua samman. Agni Pariksha Ram ko di jati hai, Raavan ko nahi, (I’ve given enough respect to you all. Agni Pariksha is given to Ram, not to Raavan),” she tells Vanraj. This irks Baa who shouts at her. Anupama then uses a hand gesture asking Baa to stop right there. She then says, “Ab agar is ghar me main rahi na toh Kanha ji kasam se ye ghar, ghar nahi rahega (I swear on Kanha ji that this home would lose all its peace if I continue to stay here even for a minute).” Also Read - Anupamaa Massive Twist: Anupama Goes Berserk After Anuj Kapadia Meets With Accident

While Anupama’s fans are going gaga over her whistle-worthy dialogues and how she has finally garnered the courage to stand up for herself, it would now be interesting to see how this big decision leads Anupama to create a new life of her own. Also Read - Anupama And Anuj Kapadia Share Romantic Video of Decade, #MaAn Shippers go Crazy - Watch Viral Video

How this affects her kids and Bapuji who have been supporting her from the very beginning – is also something that’s yet to be seen. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!