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The day 4 inside the Bigg Boss 12 house remained quite an exciting one. While Anup Jalota was given the role of a ‘dilfek rajkumar’, the entire captaincy task resulted in so much fun. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12 Inside News: Salman Khan to Send Anup Jalota in Secret Room; No Elimination This Week

The last three days saw a lot of hustle bustle in the house. While Sreesanth threw unnecessary tantrums, Saba Khan – Somi Khan also created a lot of nuisance in the house. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12 Day 11 September 27 Written Updates: Sreesanth Again Threatens to Leave The House, Vikas Gupta Shows Mirror to Contestants

The first luxury budget task was declared ‘radd’ by the Bigg Boss, following Sreesanth’s refusal of completing the task. Now, in the first captaincy task, the entire house has to participate. Anup Jalota has been declared as the Baahubali of the house. Another big argument involving Sreesanth awaits the viewers in today’s episode. The task will lead to a bitter argument between Sreesanth and Shivashish Mishra. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12 Day 10 Written Updates September 26: Dipika Kakar Cries, Jasleen Matharu Gives a Kiss to Anup Jalota

Contestants have already been nominated for the week with Dipika Kakar and Shrishty Rode being the celebrity contestants who are on the list for eviction this week.

Watch out for today’s episode as more masala awaits you!

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