Tonight’s episode of Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 13 begins with the superstar giving the housemates a view of their previously made romantic clips. He first plays the video directed by Paras Chhabra featuring Mahira Sharma and Vishal Aditya Singh’s steamy romance.Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Sara Ali Khan Calls Karan Kundrra 'Sabse Kamzoor Player' | Watch

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  • As per public demand, Sid and Shehnaz’ romantic video directed by Paras is ready but not before a few hilarious glitches.

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  • Salman Khan reveals that since Devoleena was made to exit the show this week due to medical reasons, Paras and Mahira are safe for the time being. He takes their leave but asks them to vote for a housemate who had the maximum contribution in the extension of the show. Rashami, Vishal, Himanshi and Paras vote for Shehnaz. Mahira obviously, votes for Paras while Asim, Arti and Bhau vote for Sid. Shehnaz votes for Paras, Sid votes for Shehnaz and with that, the Punjabi sensation nails maximum immunity.
  • Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi star Divya Khosla is welcomed on the show next where she not only grooves to her song but also croons to a few lyrics with Salman while promoting the song.
  • Asim, Shefali and Vishal are called on the tip of the pool next, one by one. Vishal and Hindustani Bhau are made to go all the way down inside the pool until they have to take a dip head down inside the waters.
  • Salman connects with the housemates to play a game with them. Shehnaz is called on the tip of the cool and asked to go a step down on all questions whose answer is yes. He asks Sid if he loves Shehnaz more than Arti. To save her, he replies no.

  • Moving on, Salman plays the whisper game with the trio. Bhumi puts on the headphones first and guesses correctly while Salman keeps taking digs at Ananya’s guesses.

  • On the stage, Salman asks the actors to vote for a contestant they like. While Ananya gives her vote to Shenaz and Paras, Kartik gives his vote to Shehnaz.
  • The Bollywood trio begins to take their leave when Shehnaz goes down on her knees to give a flower to Kartik.
  • Himanshi, Rashami and Shefali are called up and asked who has the least contribution in the game. Rashami is voted as “Woh” and afterward Arti, Vishal and Bhau are called forward to ask who has donned a mask in the house so far. Bhau is voted as “Woh” and he sportingly gets his face painted black.
  • Paras, Mahira and Vishal are called up next and asked who is more likely to not make it up to the finale. Vishal is voted as “Woh” and is dipped in the bowl of black paint, face forward.
  • Kartik, Bhumi and Ananya call trios to ask who is a certain “Woh”. They call up Sid, Shehnaz and Asim and ask who among the three is more likely to turn a backstabber and the boys vote for the Punjabi sensation after which she is made to paint her face black.
  • The trio goes inside the Bigg Boss house and Shehnaz suddenly goes into a shock on seeing Kartik before her. She gives him a never-ending tight hug while telling him that she is his biggest fan and has messaged him several times to talk to her.

  • Ananya and Bhumi compete for the one who knows the maximum insights about the show. The game ends in a tie between the two divas as both gave prompt answers.
  • Salman reveals that Ananya is such a huge fan of the show that four years back, her birthday cake was of Bigg Boss theme.
  • Pati Patni Aur Woh stars Bhumi Pednekar, Kartik Aaryan and Ananya Panday are welcomed on the Bigg Boss stage by Salman.
  • Salman asks the housemates to bursts each others Galatfehmi Ke Gubbare. Himanshi targets Paras, Mahira bursts Asim’s balloon, Siddharth bursts Rashami’s and she returns the favour, Vishal too bursts Sid’s balloon, Shehnaz bursts Bhau’s, Shefali attack’s Rashami’s, Asim attacks Shehnaz, Arti too attacks Paras.
  • Shehnaz Gill gives 5 points to Paras’ video. Salman then takes them through Rashami Desai and Siddharth Shukla’s video directed by Shehnaz. The housemates give this video also 5 stars. Salman reveals that the audience has loved and voted Shehnaz’ video as the best.

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