The crawl towards the grand finale of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 13 is only getting mushier with each passing day and the latest chemistry between housemates Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai suggests the same. The two had initially locked horns on the show and not spared each other be it through verbal fights or aggressive ones. Also Read - Sidharth Shukla Greets Rashami Desai as The 'Kaisi Ladki' Couple Reunites in Bigg Boss 14

Cooling down towards the last few weeks, Rashami and Sid were seen going back to being friends and in the upcoming episode, the latter will be seen flirting with his Dil Se Dil Tak co-star. In tonight’s episode, the housemates will be seen seated in the kitchen area when Sid holds his back and complains that they make him do a lot of chores. While the housemates crack up, sid allies with Rashami and asks her to tell them how painfully time consuming it is to cook. Taking a dig at her previous acts of stealing, Sid says that is especially difficult when you have to be vigilant about what stuff is kept where, who is taking what, when is the other person leaving, when is the right time to take stuff out. He hilariously praises Rashami for having succeeded in doing all of it while others burst out laughing. Also Read - Rashami Desai vs Jasmin Bhasin: Bigg Boss Contestants Get Into Twitter 'Tamasha'

Rashami turns it in her favour and asks him about noticing how hard she has been working these days. Sid replies that if there is anyone he notices in the house, it is her. This makes even Rashami flash her million-dollar smile and unable to contain it, she simply mutters. Sid then points out that some tea is left in the pan. He hilariously suggests that she can even steal it while they close their eyes and count till three. He promises that no one will blame her. Rashami threatens that she will say something that will spoil his mood forever since he has been pulling her leg for a long time now. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Rashami Desai Blasts Aly Goni-Jasmin Bhasin For Speaking Against Vikas Gupta

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