In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 the contestants will continue to fight for the captaincy of the house. Meanwhile, Kavita Kaushik’s captaincy phase will come to an end today. We will also see that Rubina Dilaik and few other contestants get upset on Kavita for her authoritative presence in the house. Rubina can be heard saying that Kavita is the captain of the house but what she is doing is ‘dictatorship’. It will be interesting to watch who will become the captain of the house and if the person will be given power to save one nominated contestant. Jasmin Bhasinwill also be seen throwing a fit and fighting with Rahul Vaidya over the ‘physical strength’ statement during the task.Also Read - Naagin 6 Latest Promo: Who is The Lead? Fans Guess Mahira Sharma, Rubina Dilaik

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Rahul claims that he did not give any warning to Jasmin, the latter, in a fit of rage, throws water on him. The spat gets ugly and Jasmin calls Rahul ‘Tucha’. Naina and Kavita try to explain Jasmin that Rahul’s anger was during the task and it was not physical intimidation, but she refuses to understand their explanation.

Rahul Gets Emotional:

After the spat between Rahul and Jasmin, he breaks down into tears and says that even he gets hurt by other people’s statements. He further thanked Nikki Tamboli for her constant support to him.

Rubina on Kavita’s ‘Dictatorship’:

Rubina denies cutting fruits for captain Kavita Kaushik and tells her that if she is busy somewhere else, then she can cut her own fruits as she can’t reduce her 15-minutes of yoga time for cutting fruits for her. Kavita says that it is her job to cut fruit for her. However, she denies. Kavita says that she is behaving like Nikki. Rubina gets angry and calls her captaincy ‘dictatorship’.

Jaan Kumar Sanu Issues Public Apology:

Jaan Kumar Sanu is called in the confession room where Bigg Boss tells him how his statement on ‘Marathis’ has hurt the Marathi public. He then makes a public apology and says that it was not his intention to hurt anywhere and he will be careful next time.

Contestants Continue With Captaincy Task:

Contestants continue their race to become the captain. Nikki Tamboli takes the bag of Abhinav Shukla and enters the red zone area but Naina Singh tells her that it is out of the rule. However, she denies to follow rules.

Eijaz Khan Says ‘He Doesn’t Have Love Like Feelings For Pavitra Punia’:

Pavitra Punia tells Nikki that she likes Eijaz and is attached to him but their equation has changed in the house. The next morning, Nikki asks Eijaz to clear it with Pavitra about the same. Eijaz says that he doesn’t like Pavitra like that. Pavitra then cooks heart-shape paratha for Eijaz and everyone start teasing him leaving him blushing.

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