Actor and Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra once again spoke about his former girlfriend Pavitra Punia and said that her name should be ‘Apavitra’ (impure) because of her nature. The actor also commented on Pavitra’s chemistry with fellow contestant Eijaz Khan on the show. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Why Has Radhe Maa Suddenly Disappeared From The Show? Read on

In the early episodes of Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra said that Paras had cheated on her and if he has got any self-respect, he wouldn’t join her in the house. This irked Paras who said that it was not him but Pavitra who cheated on him in the relationship and hid the fact that she was already married. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 October 14 Major Highlights: Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, Rahul Vaidya, Nishant Win Immunity

“I got to know that before entering the Bigg Boss house Pavitra said very distasteful things about me. Firstly, I think her name Pavitra (pure) is wrong. She should be named as Apavitra (impure) because of her nature. Before the show, she told everyone that I am a cheater and a liar but on the first day of the show, she confessed that she was double-dating me. What kind of a girl is she? I never revealed the reason for the break-up but she was double-dating, and that’s why I ended my relationship with her,” he said. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Shehnaaz Gill Says 'Sidharth Shukla is King of TRPs, I am Watching Only Because of Him'

In the last few episodes, Pavitra and Eijaz were seen getting close to each other in the house with Pavitra even saying that she doesn’t want to lose out on Eijaz’s friendship. While talking about the same, Paras said that he would never like Eijaz to date Pavitra because of his own experience with her. The actor said, “If a love angle is emerging in the show between Eijaz and Pavitra, I will pray for Eijaz bhai because if he gets in a relationship with Pavitra, his life will be ruined. He is a good actor and he has done some good shows on television, so I feel he should stay away from such people as Pavitra.”

Meanwhile, Hina Khan recently played cupid between Pavitra and Eijaz while trying to convince the actor to give their friendship a chance. What do you think about Pavitra and Eijaz’s relationship?