Tonight’s episode begins with Salman Khan welcoming the audience for the first Somvaar Ka Vaar episode. Jaan, Abhinav, and Shehzad are in the bottom three and Sidharth will be taking the last call on the eviction. Also Read - Kumar Sanu Says he Supported Son Jaan Whenever he Could: 'He Asked me To Call a Few People I Know'

Jaan, Abhinav or Shehzad- Who will be evicted tonight?

Salman asks freshers to start by voting out of three bottom three contestants. Pavitra takes Jaan’sname but later changes it to Shezad. Shehzad, Jasmin, Rubina, Abhinav takes Jaan’s name. Jaan, Nikki, Rahul, Nishant names Abhinav. Eijaz names Shehzad. Also Read - Deepika Padukone Reunites With Shah Rukh Khan For Pathan, To Start Shooting Today

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Seniors To Decide:

After Jaan and Abhinav get 4 vote each, seniors decide who to eliminate. Hina and Gauahar take Shehzad’s name.

Ball in Sidharth’s Court:

Sidharth’s vote will count who will be eliminated. Bigg Boss 13 winner takes Shehzad Deol’s name.

Salman Says Shehzad Is Not Eliminated:

Saman Khan says that Shehzad Deol is not eliminated but he will have no say in house matters until further instructions.

Salman Khan Rolls Out The Task Who Doesn’t Deserve To Be Confirmed:

Eijaz Khan says that he doesn’t think that Rubina Dilaik deserves to be a confirmed contestant. Nishant, Jaan, Rahul, Nikki name Abhinav. Jaan names Abhinav. Abhinav takes Rahul’s name. Rubina names Rahul. Jasmin takes Eijaz’s name. Pavitra names Jaan, Pavitra names Jaan. Rahul names Abhinav.

Salman Khan Asks Seniors To Choose Contestants Who Will Fight To Get Confirmed:

Between Rubina and Eijaz, the seniors take Rubina’s name

Between Jasmin and Pavitra, the seniors go for Pavitra.

Between Nishant and Jaan, the seniors choose Jaan.

Between Abhinav and Rahul, they take Abhinav’s name.

Meet Seniors’ Team: 

Team Hina: Rubina, Abhinav, Jasmin, and Nishant.

Team Sidharth: Nikki, Eijaz and Pavitra.

Team Gauhar: Jaan and Rahul.

Sidharth Shouts at Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan:

After Bigg Boss rolls out the task between the Hina Khan team, Gauahar Khan team, and Sidharth Shukla team, Sidharth’s team does anything to win it which also includes breaking the rules. To which, Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan object to unfair play in the task guided by Sidharth. After this, Bigg Boss asks the ‘Toofani seniors’ to come to the theatre room and they start arguing. Gauahar can be seen saying that Bigg Boss should take the call, after which Sidharth Shukla shouts at top of his voice.

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