Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Bigg Boss 15 had a lot of fighting and commotion in the house ever since the wild cards entered the house. Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar with host Salman Khan episode on Sunday did not go well for actor and housemate Shamita Shetty. She had an unpleasant war of words with Abhijit Bichukale and things got heated up. Following this, Shilpa Shetty’s sister claimed that she will leave the show.Also Read - Be Fearless, Be Nirbhaya: Mumbai Police Releases Another Powerful Awareness Clip, Netizens Applaud

Abhijit lost his temper and stated she teased him about his last name. “Aisi ladkiyon ko mein jutti pe rakhta hun (I keep such girls under my shoes),” said Bichukale. Shetty said that he’s used terms like “k*****” and that she’s lost her cool multiple times because of it. Salman was enraged and scolded her for abusing Abhijeet, thinking he called her k****, but he didn’t. Can you not see you provoked him as well? When popular housemate Shamita questions, “Why is he here.” He says,” Shamita, you are incorrect, laanat hai (shame on you).” “I will leave the show. I don’t want to live in this house with a man like this,” Shamita responds. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant Gets Evicted Five Days Before Grand Finale?

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Salman claimed that Abhijit used foul language but did not target anyone with it. When she insisted that he did, the footage from the task was shown. When the duo clashed again in front of show presenter Salman Khan, Shamita eventually chose to apologise.

Rashami Desai also came in Shamita’s support claiming that Abhijit speaks in a very unacceptable and disgraceful manner. After Shetty fainted, she moved out of the house to seek medical assistance, and now that she is back, there have been numerous insulting statements directed at her.

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