As the fresh week starts for the contestants, Bigg Boss shakes up the inmates with a major announcement that elevates the fear of elimination. Making a shocking announcement, it says that the contestants will get a last chance to prove themselves or else it will be a ‘Game Over’ for them in the controversial house. So, contestants gear up to prove their worth in the house. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Shocker: Abhinav Shukla Has Drinking Problem, he Asked Kavita Kaushik to Meet in Odd Hours - Ronnit Makes Serious Allegations

Here Are The Major Highlights From Tonight’s Episode:

Inmates Discuss House Duties: Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla Defeats Nikki Tamboli to Become Second Finalist After Eijaz Khan

Housemates discuss their duties in the morning. Jasmin says that she will take over cleaning the washrooms while other contestants are still discussing the duties. Shehzad intervenes to make a suggestion but get into a heated argument with Eijaz Khan, who interrupts him and says that he is a ‘gayab’ contestant and should not speak in the matters of the house. Also Read - Hina Khan Slays in a Red Bikini in The Maldives, Poses Like a True Stunner

Hina, Sidharth, Gauahar Discuss Strategies With Their Respective Teams:

Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar discuss their strategies with their teams. They tell their teammates to stick together and forget what happened in the past. Pavitra tells Sidharth that she can’t get influenced easily. Nishant, Rubina, Abhinav discuss their differences.

Task Announced:

Bigg Boss announces that whichever team loses the task, their teammates along with Shehzad Deol and their senior will be eliminated from the house.

Rubina Tells Bigg Boss She Wants To Quit:

Rubina Dilaik tells Bigg Boss that she can’t function in a disrespectful environment and wants to leave the show. Rubina says that Salman Khan called her husband ‘samaan’ which she found disrespectful and that she and Abhinav were not desperate to come on the show. When they were offered the show, she convinced Abhinav and it is their responsibility to see that Abhinav is not disrespected. Rubina says that if she will be unable to settle herself, she will not stay in the house.

Task Begins:

Jaan and Eijaz get into a verbal spat. Each contestant takes their place to save their teams from the opposite team. Sidharth discusses a strategy with Nikki to distract Jaan and press Gauahar’s team buzzer. Gauahar tells Sidharth not to distract her team. Gauahar tells Sidharth that she is blocking his team members and that he is cheating.

Hina, Gauahar, Hina Into Heated Argument:

Gauahar and Hina allege that Sidharth’s team is cheating and more than two people were present inside the square. Gauahar said that he broke the rule, however, Sidharth claims that his team won it fair and square. Both Hina and Gauahar blame Sidharth and asks Bigg Boss to intervene. In the theatre room, the seniors have a heated debate and Sidharth is not ready to budge and that his team is a clear winner. Gauahar walks out and Hina and Sidharth start arguing. Sidharth not ready to lower down his town, Hina gets furious.

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