Actor David Schwimmer, popular for playing the iconic role of Ross Geller in TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. joined the anti-racism protests in New York against the murder of African-American national George Floyd. The actor and his ex-wife Zoe Buckman took to the streets of New York wearing masks and holding flowers in hands to show solidarity with the black community who has seen the oppression at the hands of the white people, especially those in power, and police officials.Also Read - George Floyd Murder: All Four Cops Involved in Killing Now Face Homicide Charges

Nationwide protests are happening in the US after George Floyd was pinned by the neck and murdered by a Minneapolis police officer, enraging thousands against police cruelty towards black citizens. As many took to the streets of the big Apple while chanting slogans and holding placards that read ‘black lives matter’, David and his ex-wife too walked along. Both posted a few photos and videos on their Instagram timeline giving out a message of unity and equality. In his long and inspiring post on Instagram, the actor wrote, “Yesterday at the Protest & Vigil, downtown NY. We’re no longer a couple, but @zoebuckman and I are parents of a nine year old, and fellow advocates for social justice and reform. We marched in honor of the countless black lives lost to racial violence; to oppose the institutional racism and systemic bias against marginilized communities; to show our love for, and solidarity with, our family members, colleagues and friends of color; because we are angry and appalled by the shocking indifference of our President; and to demand a better future for our children. ALL of our children.
It is not enough to be opposed to racism. We must be actively opposed to it.” (sic) Also Read - Sunny Leone Stuck Amid George Floyd Protests in LA, Says 'There Are Riots Everywhere And Rampant Looting in Stores'

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Zoe, too, mentioned that she was on the streets to demand a better future for her kids. She wrote, “No justice: no peace. (It was painful powerful beautiful. Everyone wore a mask. I love you NYC.) These are our streets. Keep showing up. It’s happening. Black Lives Matter. 🖤 with my comrade and co-parent @_schwim_” (sic)

Almost the entire film and the TV industry is supporting the black lives matter movement and demanding stricter punishment for those who indulge in an act of racism against the black community, especially the cops who are time and again called out for their brutality against black citizens.