Actor Sunil Grover might be a popular name today but things were not so hunky-dory for him always. In his latest interaction on social media, Sunil talked about his struggle of making it big in the film industry and how things shaped up for him after days of failure. The actor said that there was a time when all he used to get for work was Rs 500 per month. However, his zeal towards seeking better work and hardwork kept him going. He revealed that things changed after his comedy character Gutthi became a hit on the small screen. Sunil said that he couldn’t believe the audience were cheering for him when he was introduced as the actor who performs Gutthi in Comedy Nights With Kapil.Also Read - Antim: Salman Khan Requests Fans Not to Burn Crackers in Theatre, Shares Shocking Video

Talking about his early days of struggle, Sunil said, “After I finished my masters in theatre, I came to Mumbai to act. But for the first year, I only partied. I lived in a posh area, using my savings & some money from home. I’d only earn around Rs 500 a month. But I thought I’d be successful soon.” He said that he always knew he could act because he was once asked by the chief guest at his school function that he should not have participated in a drama competition since it was unfair for others. Also Read - Salman Khan’s Father Salim Khan Spills Bean About Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal’s Wedding

The actor went on to reveal that it didn’t take him long to realise that there were many like him in Mumbai “who were ‘superstars’ of their town and ‘strugglers’ here.” He said that his father’s story kept him motivated in the time when he could have easily decided to go back. Sunil revealed that his father wanted to be a radio announcer but he had to work at a bank all his life because he couldn’t oppose his grandfather who was against his career choice. The actor said that he didn’t want to regret his life choice the way his father did all his life. Also Read - Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: Angry Salman Khan Calls Karan Kundrra 'Ishq Mein Nikamma', Tejasswi Interrupts

“I didn’t want to let my dreams go. So I picked up the pieces & rigorously looked for work. But the road was still rocky. Once I’d been selected to act in a TV show–we’d even shot for a few days. But when I stopped getting my time to come on set, I called the team–they said I’d been replaced,” said Sunil.

The actor then explained how he got his first major break at work. Sunil said that he did a radio show in Delhi which went viral and soon the makers decided to air his show all over the country. “After that, I got work on radio, TV & films. Soon Gutthi happened and in no time, became a household name!” The actor, who played the role of Salman Khan‘s best friend in recently released Bharat, revealed the incident that made him realise he had finally come far.

“I remember I was called on a live show and when I went on stage, the audience was roaring for me. I turned to make sure there wasn’t anyone else, whom they were clapping for–but it was all for me,” Sunil recalled. The actor concluded his story by saying that he never suppressed the ‘young boy’ in him who wanted to dream big and conquer those dreams. He said, “The young boy who didn’t let failures dim his dreams & overpower his need for victory. So even though I’ve come this far… this young boy has a long way to go.”