Actor Hina Khan has made a solid position for herself in the film and TV industry. However, it all didn’t come easy. Hina had her own share of struggle that hasn’t just ended yet. After criticising the leading fashion designers for discriminating between TV and film actors, Hina now talked about nepotism and mentioned how this affects the careers of those who are genuinely talented but don’t belong to a film family.Also Read - Sushant Singh Rajput's Demise: Ranvir Shorey Speaks on Nepotism, Godfathers And Award Shows in Bollywood

In her latest interview with India Today, Hina said that the biggest difference to realise is how a star-kid will always get a second chance to prove his/her caliber but not an outsider. The actor, who rose to fame from her performance in daily soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, took her own example and said that she will work day and night to get that one big opportunity to star in a film and that would also be her last opportunity. Hina said if her one film doesn’t work, she will be written off which will not be the same in case of a star-kid. Also Read - Manoj Bajpayee on Nepotism: Bollywood Must Rectify or Will Keep Getting Cursed For it

Hina was quoted saying, “Star kids or people who are from the industry have the privilege. They won’t be affected if one of their films don’t work but if I sign one big film and it doesn’t work, I won’t get another chance. The only difference is, no matter their films work or not, they have back to back films.” Also Read - Soni Razdan Reacts on Nepotism Row: People Ranting Today, Will Support Their Children Tomorrow

The actor also highlighted what getting more opportunities in the industry means. She said that when a star-kid gets back-to-back films even when the first film is a flop, he/she also gets as many chances to learn more and hone skills in a better sense. Hina mentioned that more exposure leads to a better craft and that’s where the outsider lacks as they don’t get as many chances to polish their craft and have to show perfection in their first chance itself.

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