Social media personality and former Bigg Boss contestant Hindustani Bhau continued to abuse Ekta Kapoor and issue threats against her name. In his latest Instagram video, he reacted to Ekta’s official statement on the entire matter involving the controversial sex scene in her web-series XXX-2 that has now been deleted. Showing an absolute disrespect for a woman and encouraging social media trolling, Bhau once again demanded Ekta’s apology. He said the producer has hurt the sentiments of the family members of the Indian army officers and she owes them an apology in the absence of which he is going to launch more threats and abuse her family.Also Read - Kanika Kapoor Wishes Ekta Kapoor on 45th Birthday, Says 'You Believed in my Potential Long Before I Did'

He added that Ekta and her team have been managing to delete his videos one by one but he would not stop. Bhau said he’ll start making more videos abusing her if Ekta will continue to delete his videos. He used expletives against the producer and her family and said he’s going to stand against those who will show the country in a bad light. Towards the end of the video, Bhau said ‘jo ukhadna hai ukhad le’. Also Read - Ekta Kapoor Deletes Controversial Sex Scene Pertaining to Army From Her Web Series

(The video is abusive and therefore, can’t be carried in the article) Also Read - Ekta Kapoor on Receiving Rape Threats For 'Sex Scene' in Her Web-Series: Standing Against Cyberbullying Now

Ekta, in a panel discussion with Gurdeep Kohli, Gul Panag, Shobha De and a journalist, clarified her stand on the entire issue. She said she had deleted the scene after realising that it hurt the sentiments of people and was also going to apologise because it meant nothing to her. However, Ekta said, she decided to not go ahead with the apology when she realised it was no longer about the armymen but about resorting to abusing a woman on social media. She said she was receiving death threats and people were also abusing her 71-year-old mother and threatening to rape her son. She said her fake nudes were being circulated to humiliate her and therefore, she decided to stand up against cyberbullying.