Indian Idol 12 Controversy: Amid the backlash that the makers and judges of Indian Idol 12 are facing for allegedly ‘ruining’ the songs sung by legendary singer Kishore Kumar in their latest episode, Amit Kumar has also spoken out. A section of the audience is pissed with Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya, and the makers for not doing justice with the songs. And the son of the celebratory singer agreed with the same. Also Read - Instead of UP Policeman Himself, His Brother-in-law Kept Working as Cop for Years, Here's What Happened Next

In his interview with a leading daily, Kumar, who appeared on the show as the chief guest for the episode, mentioned that he was given money to be there and was also asked to praise all the contestants irrespective of how they were singing. Amit spoke to Times of India and said he was told that since it’s a special episode dedicated to his father, he is only supposed to enjoy the songs and praise everyone. He said he in fact wanted to “stop the episode.” Also Read - This Video of Two Monkeys Playing and Sliding Down a Building's Wall Will Definitely Make Your Sunday a Hit | WATCH

“I did what I was told. I was told sabko praise kamana hai. I was told jo jaisa bhi gaaye usko uplift karna hai because it’s a tribute to Kishore da. I thought it will be a homage to my father. But once there, I just followed what I was asked to do. I had told them to give me portions of the script in advance, but nothing of that sort happened,” said Kumar. Also Read - Already Married 5 Times Without Divorce, Man Arrested for Attempting 6th Marriage

The singer who gifted a silver watch to Pawandeep Rajan as a token of appreciation for his performance on the stage added that he has full respect for the judges but he was there because he was offered a good amount and he took it as an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of his father. “Look, everyone needs money. My father was also particular about money. They gave me the price I demanded and I went, why would I have left it? But it’s okay. I have full respect for the show and its judges and participants. It’s just one of those things that happen sometimes,” he said.

When asked if he is aware of the backlash that the show and the judges are receiving for the episode, Kumar said he knows of it all and even he “didn’t enjoy the episode at all.”

Did you watch the episode and did you like it?