Actor Kamya Panjabi got married to Shalabh Dang in a traditional wedding ceremony earlier this year. Now, four months after marriage, she opened up on how she convinced herself to embrace life again after a breakup with actor Karan Patel. Kamya talked to Times of India and mentioned that she slipped into depression after her relationship with Karan ended abruptly. The Shakti actor said that she took counselling sessions and gave herself enough time to get over that phase so that she could live her life again. Kamya added that it took her two-and-a-half years to get back to a healthy lifestyle that included sleeping and eating in time.Also Read - Battling Depression, IIT Bombay Student Jumps Off 7th Floor Of Hostel Building, Dies

Kamya was quoted saying, “Frankly after Karan it took me two-and-a-half years to get back to a normal life. It is after two-and-a-half years that I started loving my life, I’m was eating, sleeping on time, talking to my friends and going to work and coming back. It took me two and a half years.” She equated that phase in life with being imprisoned. The actor said that she worked hard on herself to come out of that jail and she’s not going back there. Also Read - Easiest Ways to Take Care of Emotional And Mental Health

“After the breakup, I had gone under a shell, I was not eating, sleeping. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I was into depression. I was undergoing counselling and there were lots of things happening. And now, when I have started living my life, I am not ready to compromise or sacrifice for anyone or for anything. It felt like I was out of jail and I am not ready to go inside it again,” Kamya explained. Also Read - 'Depressed Man' Kills Five In Agartala. Police Inspector Among Those Dead

Kamya is one of the popular female faces on Indian television. She has also participated in reality TV show Bigg Boss. The actor is known for her outspoken personality and being a strong-headed woman. She has a daughter named Araa who’s 10-years-old.