Actor Kapil Sharma says he is more cautious today in terms of interacting with both the media and the audience. The comedian was present at an event recently when he talked about overcoming his fears and his focus on providing entertainment to his fans. Kapil said that he has realised negativity sells more in the media and therefore, he steers clear away from people he knows can cause him harm by being negative. Kapil was quoted by Bollywoodlife saying, “I am afraid of something. Today negativity sells more. There is not much authenticity when it comes to publishing news. I am accessible to some and not to some.” Also Read - Kapil Sharma Duped of Rs 5.5 Crore By Car Designer Dilip Chhabria, Says 'Happy That He Is Arrested'

Kapil, who has made a terrific comeback on the small screen with The Kapil Sharma Show, also said that he’s learning from his mistakes. He said, “You learn a lot from failure. I also learnt a lot during this phase and I would try not to repeat it again. I am thankful to those who stood by me.” Also Read - Kapil Sharma Shares Auspicious News! Comedian to Make Netflix Debut

The comedian went ahead to say he has always a man who speaks from the heart and he will continue to do so all his life. Kapil said, “I talk straight from my heart. I am a bit cautious now. There is a responsibility as a celebrity and I feel I need to be mature and not talk nonsense.” Also Read - Kapil Sharma-Ginni Chatrath Blessed With Second Baby? This Tweet by Chetan Bhagat Hints so

Kapil recently got married to Ginni Chatrath and expressed how she was the major source of support for him when he was fighting a dull phase in life. He said, “She is very spiritual. I told her that you pray so much, pray for me, too. Mera dimag sahi nahi rehta, ajeeb sa lagta hai sab kuch. She would tell me that she prays only for me. She has been my emotional anchor; she has surrendered herself for my well-being. I will do as she says because I know that she is right; hosh mein decision leti hai.”