Filmmaker Karan Johar reads up everything being written about him on social media and says he finds strength from the praise and the criticism. The host of Koffee With Karan was speaking to the latest guests on his chat show-Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter when he expressed his stance on handling social media. He said he knows how to differentiate the constructive criticism from ‘ugly’ comments. Also Read - Ajeeb Daastaans Trailer: Love, Lust, Homosexuality And More - Digging What Society Buries Underneath!

Karan said, “All the praise, all the criticism somewhere makes you stronger. I read a lot of criticism and wake up to abuse sometimes and wake up to the nasty things they write about you but some of the things they write are actually true”. He added, “When they criticise you, they are coming from some place of information that you must have also about yourself. Hence, it’s important to read the good and the bad and sometimes just turn your face from the ugly”. Also Read - Karan Johar Plays Bollywood Style Holi With Roohi, Yash, All Wear White Kurta - Photos

Even Shahid added to the conversation and said he has found his own way of dealing with trolls online. The Haider star mentioned he doesn’t feel ‘pressurised’ anymore and said, “I actually don’t find it a pressure at all, I have made peace with it. I give it as much importance as it is necessary.” Also Read - Shanaya Kapoor's Bikini in Viral Photoshoot Costs Rs 76,800 And She Totally Slays in it - See Pics

Meanwhile, KJo has been involved in a new controversy surrounding his chat show. The social media users are slamming the filmmaker for laughing on cricketer Hardik Pandya‘s ‘sexist’ jokes when he made an appearance on Koffee With Karan 6 in the last episode. Both Hardik and his colleague, KL Rahul, have been blasted on social media for their anti-women stance on the show and Karan hasn’t been spared either. The Twitterati are fumed over Karan casually accepting the sexism in humour on his show. The filmmaker hasn’t said anything on the issue yet.