Actor Karan Oberoi, popular for his performance in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and other TV shows, has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman and using her for money. Before he was arrested by the Mumbai police in the case on May 6, Karan gave a detailed interview to Times of India and refused that he owed any money to the woman. This was in October 2018 when she had lodged an NC (non-cognisable complaint) with the police and not accused him of rape and extortion. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: Karan Oberoi Who Was Accused of Rape And Extortion, May Participate in The Show

Karan told the daily that the woman had been practising the occult and he feared she would cause harm to his family. The Band of Boys member revealed that he might have flirted with the woman but was never in a relationship with her. He was quoted saying, “I am the victim here. I have lived a nightmare for these two years. The only reason I would answer her calls once in a while was to protect my family, as I feared that she could harm them with black magic. My worry was my mother and my health woes, as she claimed that she had the power to do anything.” Also Read - Watch: Rape Accused Karan Oberoi Curates a #MenToo Song

Karan added that despite several requests and threats from the woman, he never got intimate with her. He said that her claims of lending him money to redo his house were false and in fact, it was him who gave her money to buy things for his house since she mentioned redoing his house would make her feel better after all that she claimed to had gone through in her life. As per Karan’s claim, the woman confided in him by telling him that her ‘father used to hit her and that no man has ever loved her.’ He was quoted saying, “She then suggested that she could do up my house and I decided to help her by allowing her to do that. That was the biggest mistake of my life. I have two houses in Mumbai and neither of them has been mortgaged. I gave her cash to buy items for my home, as she offered me a better deal. Every piece of furniture and other things that she is claiming to have bought for me, including my clothes, have been paid for by me.” Also Read - Karan Oberoi Rape Case: Actor Files Complaint Against Investigating Officer For Favouring The Woman

Karan also had to reveal that the woman filed an NC against him only after learning that he had already filed a complaint of mental harassment against her before. He said, “On the day of filing the NC, she called me and said that she was at the cop station and told me that she would ruin my life if I didn’t marry her the next day.”

Karan has been booked under Section 376 (rape) and Section 384 (extortion) under the Indian Penal Code by the Oshiwara Police. He has been taken into police custody till May 9.