Actor Karan Oberoi, who was accused of rape by a tantrik healer, has now filed a case against investigating offer, inspector DP Sonawane. The actor was released from police custody three weeks back after serving a month of jail term in the rape and extortion case. As reported by Economic Times, Karan said that the inspector had submitted a false report against him and his actions were biased towards the woman who lodged the complaint against him. Also Read - Bigg Boss 13: Karan Oberoi Who Was Accused of Rape And Extortion, May Participate in The Show

Karan’s lawyer, Dinesh Tiwari, filed a case in Mumbai’s Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Saturday and demanded the inspector’s prosecution. A report in Times of India further had Karan alleging that Sonawane and his team had confiscated his laptop and phone despite mentioning that they didn’t do any such thing in the report. He also alleged that it’s been a month to the entire case but the complainant’s phone hasn’t yet been taken for investigation. Also Read - Watch: Rape Accused Karan Oberoi Curates a #MenToo Song

The report in ET had inspector Sonawane denying Karan’s claim by saying that he hasn’t yet been informed about any such development in the case. Also Read - Karan Oberoi Rape Case: Mumbai Police Arrested Woman Who Accused The Actor

Karan was released from the custody after it was found in the investigation that the woman who accused him of rape and extorting money staged an attack on her later to deceive the police and put more blame on Karan. The woman’s lawyer himself confessed to the police that she used the help of his brother to stage the attack. She was then arrested by the Mumbai police.