Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Mohini is worried about Anurag after she doesn’t find him anywhere in the house. Naveen tells her that Anurag is fine and she should not worry about him. He also tells her that he called Anurag sometime back and he was talking fine, in order to make her believe that he really is. Naveen then gets a call from Madhuri, who tells him that people have taken him to a nearby hospital and she saw Prerna at the accident site asking for Anurag’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Prerna reaches the hospital and seeing an injured Anurag lying on the bed as the doctors treat him. Anurag, though unable to open his eyes, keeps thinking of Prerna. He decides he will not let himself die until he saves Prerna from Naveen. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Weight Loss Journey: 40-Year-Old Actor Sheds 10 Kgs, Looks Fabulous

Prerna enters the room. Doctor asks her to go out and tells her that there’s an internal injury and his condition is critical. Prerna sits near his bed and continues to shed tears. Madhuri reaches the hospital and asks about Anurag. Prerna tells Anurag that she’s ready to listen to everything he has to say to her. She then recalls he was trying to tell her something about Naveen before the accident happen. She is of the opinion that she is responsible for Anurag’s current state. As she holds Anurag’s hands, she sees a paper clenched in his fist and tries to take it out. Only when she is going to get hold of the paper, the senior doctor enters and asks her to leave the room. Prerna goes out and keeps looking at Anurag from outside the room. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Transformation From Bahu to Babe Leaves Fans Surprised, Photos go Viral

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A worried Mohini tells Moloy that she has a strong feeling Anurag isn’t safe. Phone rings and Mohini gets to know that her son is admitted to a hospital. Madhuri waits for Prerna to step aside so that she can find out if he is dead or alive. The doctor comes out and Prerna asks him about Anurag. He tells her that seems like Anurag is desperate to say something but as soon as he regains strength to talk, he falls unconscious. The doctor adds that it’s a strange case in which the patient keeps falling unconscious everytime he wakes up. He also asks Prerna to keep Anurag in her prayers. Madhuri tries to get into Anurag’s room but doesn’t get in.

Prerna again goes into the room and tells Anurag that she needs him and he should be fine very soon. Mohini and family enter the hospital. Mohini cries when she sees an injured Anurag. She then holds Prerna and asks her why she didn’t call them if she knew about the accident. Naveen realises Anurag is still holding the paper, which is actually his marriage certificate. He tries to take the paper out but fails. Mohini insists on calling up a senior doctor. While everyone leaves to meet the senior doctor, Prerna keeps lingering to the door looking at Anurag. Madhuri calls Naveen but he disconnects her phone. Madhuri drags Naveen and tells him that she couldn’t go near Anurag because Prerna never left him alone. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Prerna holding Anurag’s hand as he gets conscious. Watch this space for the latest updates on Kasautii Zindagii Kay!