Prerna slaps Naveen. The episode then takes the story back. Naveen is seen helping Anurag and Anupam in carrying the carpet. Naveen and others successfully keep the carpet in Anurag’s car. Anurag then tells everyone that he’s leaving. Naveen asks him why he wouldn’t like to attend Prerna’s wedding. Anurag tells him that he can’t see him getting married to Prerna and therefore, he would like to leave. While Anurag is driving, Prerna comes back into her conscious. She realises she is in the car and wonders what just happened to her. Prerna asks Anurag to stop the car. He asks her to stop talking, relax, and keep sitting, Prerna pulls the break and jumps out of the car. She takes an auto and reaches back to the Basu house. Also Read - Parth Samthaan Breaks Silence on Kasautii Zindagii Kay Going Off-Air Because of His Exit, Says 'Apologised to Ekta'

Mohini asks Veena to call Prerna to the mandap. Shivani is upset that Prerna isn’t trying to understand why she shouldn’t be getting married to Naveen. Everyone waits for Prerna in the mandap. Veena accompanies Prerna, whose face is now under the ghunghat. A disappointed Anurag looks at Prerna and feels lost. Meanwhile, the wedding rituals begin. Also Read - Erica Fernandes Parties Hard With Kasautii Zindagii Kay Stars, Looks Pretty in Her LBD

Naveen and Prerna take the holy pheras. Just when he applies the sindoor, he looks at the bride and finds Madhuri under the veil and not Prerna. Naveen starts panicking and screams Anurag and Prerna’s names. He then asks Madhuri why she did this to him. Anurag comes and reveals that he is the man behind all the planning. Anurag then tells everyone that Prerna is safe and soon they are going to know everything about Naveen and his ill deeds. He then reveals that Madhuri is Naveen’s first wife. Naveen once again seeks support from Mohini. She shouts at Anurag and asks him to stop talking. She confronts Anurag about replacing Prerna with Madhuri in the mandap.

Naveen keeps repeating how Anurag has now spoiled his life. Mohini then asks Anurag to bring Prerna to the mandap for her marriage with Naveen. The priest tells everyone that the mahurat of the marriage is over. Naveen tells him that he doesn’t believe in mahurat. He then tries to slap Anurag but the latter holds his hand.

Anurag explains how he came to know about Naveen, his first marriage, Madhuri and why he was getting married to Prerna. Mohini then asks Madhuri about the truth. Naveen drags her to the door but she shouts back at him and tells him that she can’t bear the drama anymore. Meanwhile, Prerna, who has been sleeping in a room upstairs, comes back to consciousness. Madhuri tells everyone that Naveen is her husband. The precap of the next episode shows Madhuri exposing Naveen by revealing the deets about her marriage with him. Naveen slaps her while Anurag and other men pull him back and come for her rescue. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kasautii Zindagii Kay!