KBC 12 October 2 Karamveer Special Episode Highlights: Tonight’s episode begins with Amitabh Bachchan introduces roll-over contestant Asmita Madhav Gore and gives us a brief about her parents and financial situation in her family. He then introduces the expert of the day, Pankaj Pachori.Also Read - KBC 13 Gets Its Second Crorepati, Amitabh Bachchan Exclaims 'Ek Crore' in His Trademark Style

Check Out Questions From Tonight’s Show:

Q. Who is this tech entrepreneur and CEO of the electric vehicle company, Tesla? Also Read - "Begum Gayiin"! Farrukh Jaffar of Gulabo Sitabo Fame Passes Away at 88

A. Elon Musk Also Read - KBC 13: Amitabh Bachchan Cannot Stop Laughing As He Learns What 'Zeher, Katl Lag Rahe Ho' Means | Watch

Q. Which of these places is known as the ‘Banana City of India’?

A. Jalgoan

Q. Which city hosted the Filmfare Awards ceremony in 2020, the first time the awards function was held outside Mumbai?

A. Guwahati

Q. What is the name of the 2.8 km long freight train started by the Indian Railways in July 2020?

A. Shesh Naag

Q. The wife and son of which of these actors are both members of the current Lok Sabha?

A. Dharmendra

Q. Who established SNDT University, the first women’s university in India?

A. Dhundo Keshav Karve

Q. Which planet does not spin on its axis like other planets but rather spins at a 90-degree angle from the plane of its orbit?

A. Uranus

Q. Which of these days was celebrated in a special way in 1905 to protest against the partition of Bengal and to show unity among people?

A. Raksha Bandhan

Asmita quit the show and takes home Rs 12,50,000. Big B rolls out the fastest-finger first question and Kapil Gurung Takes The Hot Seat.

Q. Which of these animals produces the ‘dhenchu dhenchu’ sound?

A. Donkey

Q. By what name is this food item known?

A. Jhalmuri

Q.Which All India Service do ranks like DGP, IGP?

A. Indian Police Service

Q. According to Hindu scriptures, which of these pairs is not one of ‘bua-bhatija’?

A. Subhadra-Balaram

Q. How did captain Sourav Ganguly react when India won the 2002 NatWest Trophy?

A. Took off his shirt

Q. The song has been picturised on which two actors?

A. Hrithik Roshan-Tiger Shroff

Q. Between the 17th and 20th centuries, the absolute monarchs of which of these present-day places were referred to as ‘Chogyal’?

A. Sikkim

Q. Which of these was developed by Tim Berners-Lee?

A. World Wide Web

Q. Which of these parts of our body as adults have the maximum number of bones?

A. Hand

Kapil gives an incorrect answer and takes home Rs 10,000. Senior auditor Seema Kumari takes the hot seat and becomes the roll-over contestant for the next episode.

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