KBC 13, September 9 2021 Episode: Tonight’s episode begins with roll-over contestant Kalpana Datta from Thane, Maharashtra. She is a housewife who used to work as Head of sales in a company previously. Kalpana is a fitness enthusiast and also loves to travel. She met her husband at the University of Mumbai, where she was a junior researcher and her husband was pursuing a PhD. Their love for each other grew steadily and soon they got married.Also Read - KBC 13 September 8 Highlights: Kalpana Datta Becomes Roll-Over Contestant For Next Episode, Can You Answer Tonight's Tough Questions?

During the lockdown, Kalpana came up with an interesting idea of exercising at home. She would play a video of an attractive place like a mountain or sea on TV, turn off the lights and jog on the same spot. She is now proud to have lost 15 kgs this way.

Check Out Tonight’s Toughest Questions And Answers:

Q. With reference to real estate terminology, what does BHK stand for?
A. Bedroom Hall Kitchen

Q. Which river is the smallest in length?

A. Kaveri

Q. Which name means firm or wise?

A. Sudhir

Q. Which state has had two women chief ministers?

A. Tamil Nadu

Q. Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Ibis Triology’ is set against the backdrop of which historical event?

A. The Great Experiment

Q. According to Shiva Puranaj to which asura did Lord Brahma grant a boon that he would only die at the hands of a son of Lord Shiva?

A. Tarakasura

Q. Which organisation developed the ultraviolet disinfection tower called UV Blaster for rapid chemical-free disinfection during COVID-19?


Q. Who became the first Indian woman footballer to sign a professional contract for a European club?

A. Bala Devi

Q. In January 2021, the appointment of Kaja Kallas as prime minister made which country currently the only one, to have women as both prime minister and president?

A. Estonia

Kalpana Dutta quits the game. Now, contestant Dr. Sanchali Chakraborty from Kolkata takes the hotseat. She is a pediatrician at a government hospital. Currently, she is a post-grad trainee and has experience of 6 years in this field. Her husband is also a doctor and they met each other in a hospital.

Q. Which word is used to denote an inhabitant of a particular region in China as well as a popular dish in India?

A. Manchurian

Q. Shah Rukh Khan’s film production company is named after what

A. Chilly

Q. Monalisa’s painting is painted by which artist?

A. Leonardo da Vinci

Q. Adityat Jayate Vrishti is the motto of organization?

A. Indian meteorological organization

Q. Which chemist founded the first Indian pharmaceutical company in Kolkata, the only public sector unit manufactures hydroxychloroquine?

A. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy

Dr. Sanchali Chakraborty is the roll-over contestant. Watch this space for more updates!