The Ekta Kapoor supernatural show, Kuch Toh Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein, which was a Naagin spin-off, went off-air after one and a half months of its air time. Harsh Rajput and Krishna Mukherjee starrer aired its finale episode on March 21, 2021. Krishna, who played the lead role for the first time on TV, is disappointed about the show going off-air. She feels that it was ‘too premature’ to take it off-air in just one and a half months. She feels that with a new cast, they all deserved a little more time to connect with the audience.Also Read - Naagin 6, May 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Saves India, Maha Asur is Bannu's Wife

She further said that after five seasons of Naagin, the makers wanted to experiment with the concepts of vampires and wolves but it did not click with the viewers. She said that audiences are not ready to watch something different than saas-bahu drama. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 22, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Performs Tandav, Maha Asur and Nevla Plot to Kill Rishabh

During her recent chat with Times of India, she said, “Our show started on February 7 and I feel it was too premature to take it off air in just one and half months. It was important that the characters establish a connect with audience and then if the story didn’t click, they could have taken a decision. It was a new cast and we all deserved a little more time to make a connect. After five seasons of naagins, the makers decided to do something different and experiment with the concept of vampires and wolves, but viewers did not warm up to it. I feel people still want to watch saas-bahu sagas on television and even if shows come up with slightly different scripts, the saas-bahu angle is predominantly a part of every show. Audiences are just not ready to watch something different.” Also Read - Naagin 6, May 21, Written Episode: Rainaksh is Son of Maha Asur, Rishabh Accuses Pratha of Creating Havoc in The Family

She revealed that initially she was playing the role of an angel and she did not know she would play Naagin in the show. She said, “In order for the show to connect with audiences, writers will have to bring newer twists. I loved playing a naagin, but I was not aware initially that I would have to play one. I am happy that I got to play the lead role and the production house gave me this beautiful opportunity after Ye Hai Mohabbatein. It is a dream for every actress to play a lead role and I gave it my best. It was a learning experience and felt like working with family because I have worked with the production house before. I am looking forward to newer beginnings, hopefully, something more interesting will come up. We will work even more hard to connect with audiences in the future.”