Kuch Toh Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein, March 13, 2021, Written Episode: Tonight’s episode begins with Priya and Rehaan’s wedding and she thinks that Rehaan can’t see her sister sad and hence forced Mohit to get married to his sister, Saumya. She recalls that she intentionally left her dupatta in Mohit’s room and trapped Rehan in her plan and now when they are married, he can’t escape anymore. The priest then says that both the married couples can take blessings from their elders. Pan goes and pulls up Priya’s veil and notices that it is not Saumya but Priya who got married to Mohit and tells family members to call the police as she does not accept this marriage.Also Read - Naagin 6, May 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Saves India, Maha Asur is Bannu's Wife

Rajeshwari comes and asks Pam to give her a chance to justify herself. Shashank then says that she crossed her limits as she got married to Mohit. Rehaan then says that Pam is right that Priya’s husband is not Mohit and everyone gets shocked seeing Rehan in the groom’s attire. Rehaan says that Priya will stay at his home as his wife so that he can keep an eye on her. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 22, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Performs Tandav, Maha Asur and Nevla Plot to Kill Rishabh

Saumya comes into the hall and Pam notices marks on Saumya’s hand and asks who did this to her. She cries and takes Priya’s name. Shashank and Pam shout at Priya. Soumya then starts looking for Mohit but instead go to the forest and reveals that she is a shape-shifting eagle and all she needs is the ultimate power. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 21, Written Episode: Rainaksh is Son of Maha Asur, Rishabh Accuses Pratha of Creating Havoc in The Family

Priya then thinks that she needs to take revenge on Rehaan for what he did to her. Soumya reveals further that she know about Priya and Rehaan’s wedding. Soumya says that her brother Rehan is naive and doesn’t even remember what he did to Priya as his powers overtook him at that point in time. She also says that Priya was never in love with Mohit and for her, Mohit was just a time pass. She reveals all she cares about is the ultimate power.

Rehaan confronts Priya and accuses her of snatching someone’s else love. Priya tells him that he should look into himself and says that using his power he can’t control humans. Rehaan tells Priya to have some shame for hurting Soumya and Priya says that even he should be shameful of hurting Mohit. Mohit almost takes the Adishaat avatar but stops himself. Priya thinks that he should attack her so that she can kill him. On the other hand, Rehaan says that he will not kill her at once but torture her, Priya thinks the same. Rehaan then warns Priya that if something happens to Soumya, he will not leave her and the same thing is said by Priya for Mohit to Rehaan. They wonder how they will live in the same room and Rehaan divides the room using a wooden room divider and they go off to sleep.

While sleeping, unconsciously Priya takes the Adi Naagin avatar but wakes up before Rehaan sees her. Priya asks her to be in his side of the bedroom and he leaves the room. Rajeshwari brings gifts for her daughter and Priya. Aru says that she has changed and their father says that whatever happens, happens for good.

Meanwhile, in the room, Priya gets ready to go inside and Rehaan enters the room making them have a moment. Priya and Rehaan think about cheering up Soumya and separately cook breakfast for her. Priya goes to Soumya’s room and apologises to her. She asks Priya to get out of her room. Soumya thinks that she will kill Priya. Soumya then drags Priya downstairs while Priya keeps saying that whatever she did, she did for her good. Soumya further asks Priya to get out of the house. Pam supports Soumya. Pam taunts her for being an orphan. Soumya drags her out of the house. Priya gets hurt by Pam’s harsh words. Pam scolds Soumya for creating a scene and angrily says asks when will Priya kill Rehaan. She says that if they would have killed Rehaan the night he turned into complete Adishaat, they would have captured all his powers.

Rehaan feels sad for Priya as she shed tears but he stops himself. He gets angry and punches a mirror. Soumya thinks that Priya is still alive because of her superpowers. She thinks that let Priya kill Rehaan and then she will kill Priya. On the other hand, Pam reveals that she is an eagle and takes the cheel form. When she realises that Shashank is coming, she flies away.