Kuch Toh Hai Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein, March 20, 2021, Written Episode: Tonight’s episode begins with Siddharth searching for Rageshwari and gets shocked seeing her lying unconscious. He starts to cry and tell her daughters to call for a doctor. Swati says that Rageshwari is dead while Priya hides behind the door and listen to the whole conversation. Rehan realizes that Priya is missing nd thinks that she went to meet Mohit and she is going to regret that. Priya then apologises to Rageshwari and says that she will take avenge for her death. Rehan thinks that Priya wants Mohit but he will not let him betray Saumya again. Priya enters the room.Also Read - Naagin 6, May 28, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Saves India, Maha Asur is Bannu's Wife

Rehan taunts Priya by saying that Mohit did not come to meet her and says that she deserves this. She reverts back that when he does not know her, he should not comment. She then says that he is shameless and is not a human but a devil. He loses his cool and Priya leaves the room. Mini comes to inform Rehan about Rageshwari’s death and recalls Priya’s sad face. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 22, Written Episode: Sheshnaagin Performs Tandav, Maha Asur and Nevla Plot to Kill Rishabh

Pam cries seeing Rageshwari’s dead body and Saumya tries to console her. Priya stands alone in a corner and Rehan goes to her and says that he doesn’t know the depth of her relationship with Rageshwari but she was like a mother to her. As Priya’s tears start to affect him, he leaves. Priya notices a bracelet and tries to find the person to whom it belongs as that person is the killer of Rageshwari. Later, she gets shocked to see the same bracelet on Saumya’s hand. Also Read - Naagin 6, May 21, Written Episode: Rainaksh is Son of Maha Asur, Rishabh Accuses Pratha of Creating Havoc in The Family

Pam recalls that she attacked and killed Rageshwari because of Priya. She thinks that Priya knows about the bracelet so instead of killing Rehan, she will look for the person who was wearing the bracelet and find the killer of Rageshwari. So, in a smart move, she makes Saumya wear the bracelet. She wonders that she needs power of Priya and Rehan and for that she can even sacrifice her daughter. Priya wonders that it is not a coincident that Saumya is wearing the same bracelet and she killed Rageshwari just to hurt her.

Rehan learns that Mohit is in touch with Shashank and later explains Rehan to not blame Mohit as Saumya is wrong here. Rehan asks him to not talk about Saumya like this. He then shows Rehan proof that Mohit had send him and says that Saumya has criminal records and this is what she was doing in London.  He further says that he has verified these documents and Mohit was right about her. Priya learns about anonymous leader from Mini and Aru. Police inspector comes to investigate Rageshwari’s death.

Priya tells police that the murderer is here and takes Saumya’s name. She says that she found a bracelet near Rageshwari and the other half of the bracelet is with Saumya. The cops say that they have to arrest Saumya to investigate the case. Rehan defends Saumya saying she can never do like that. Pam blames Priya. Shashank asks police inspector to do his job.