After blaming his ex-wife Rita Bhattacharya for son Jaan Kumar Sanu‘s upbringing in a video, singer Kumar Sanu released another video in which he is seen taking a u-turn on his statement. In the new video, the popular playback singer praises Rita for bringing up their son well. The singer also reacts to Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya‘s ‘nepotism’ statement against Jaan in the show.Also Read - Kumar Sanu Blames His Ex-Wife For Jaan's Upbringing Over Marathi Language Controversy in Bigg Boss 14

Sanu says that his ex-wife has done a good job with his son and even though he was never happy with Jaan’s decision of participating in Bigg Boss 14, he decided to let him make his own choice. He adds that Rahul is a talented singer and he would rather see him being friends with Jaan and work together instead of picking up petty fights and dragging the family matters in the show. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 October 28 Episode Major Highlights: Jaan Kumar Sanu Issues Public Apology Over His 'Marathi' Statement

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Legendary singer Kumar Sanu praises his son Jaan & stands by him and with him also gives his piece of befitting advice to Rahul Vaidya to stay with goodness and exhibit love & compassion and focus on playing with sensibility and not bring in personal side on a public show. He also praises Jaan’s mother for raising a man like him who is not only sensible but matured enough to handle tricky situations with a lot of ease. Kumar Sanu in the video said it very clearly that Jaan is in Bigg Boss on his own merit, it has nothing to do with who his father is #biggboss14 #jaankumarsanu #kumarsanu #BiggBoss2020 #rahulvaidya #biggbossupdates #salmankhan #apekshanews @kumarsanuofficial @jaan.kumar.sanu

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Sanu goes on to say that making comments like ‘Jaan is there because of his father’ makes his son realise the differences between his parents. He says that Jaan has seen his parents living separately all his life and such statements make him go back to all that again. “My son Jaan is a very good person in real life. He is of a very helping nature. But Bigg Boss house has so much pressure that you tend to say things which you may not in the normal life. He is very young and his mother has given him a very good upbringing. Whatever was possible she did for our kids. I was never happy with Jaan’s decision that he is going to Bigg Boss. Whenever he asked me I always said no to it. But it was his choice to do Bigg Boss as he is an ardent follower of the show and a very big fan. He himself auditioned for it and I didn’t do anything for him in this matter. I didn’t help him in this at all,” he says.

The famous singer also says, “I’d like to mention one thing Rahul Vaidya you are like my son and you sing really well. I have heard you a lot of times. But somebody’s parents are separated and you make him realise that again and again. After you brought up this topic I felt insulted that after 40 years why all this is being said about us.”

In the latest promo released by the channel, host Salman Khan is seen reprimanding Rahul for his ‘nepotism’ comment. He also asks Jaan if his father ever recommended him to anyone in the industry. The singer denies and then Salman tells Rahul that Bigg Boss is not a platform to bring up nepotism issues.

Earlier, during one of the tasks this week, Rahul told Jaan “I hate nepotism and Jaan is in the show because he is a singer’s son, others are self-made.”