Kumkum Bhagya Latest News: Tarun’s mother calls Abhi and Pragya’s relationship weird. She says it’s strange to see Abhi rushing to meet Pragya right after he gets out of the prison. She also notices how the two spend around an hour inside a room. She also wonders how it’s simply concerning that Abhi always makes sure to visit Pragya at her place when King is not in the city. Tarun’s mother also feels glad over her son deciding to not shout at her for badmouthing Pragya. Just when she is about to show the pictures of Abhi and Pragya together, Kiara interrupts and King gets busy with her.Also Read - TRP Report Week 2: Anupamaa Reigns, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Follow - Check Full List

Even Abhi and Pragya join King and Kiara. Tarun’s mother again tries to hand over the phone to King, but Kiara comes in between, takes the phone and accidentally drops it in a water bowl. King and Pragya have a conversation about a kid’s party that they have been invited at. He then asks everyone to attend the party together. Also Read - "Chanting Mantras Really Help During Pregnancy," Says Kumkum Bhagya Actress Pooja Banerjee | Exclusive

Meanwhile, back at home, Tanu stops Abhi as he’s about to go out. She tells him that he should realise Kiara is not his daughter but King’s. Abhi asks her to stay quiet and not say such things. He leaves by telling her that he would prove one day that Kiara is his daughter and that would be an ultimate shame for her. Also Read - Pooja Banerjee is Changing The Way Pregnant Actresses Are Expected to Work, One Stereotype at a Time!

Abhi reaches Pragya’s house but tries to hide behind a car. Pragya gets a feeling that Abhi is around her somewhere. As she leaves for the party, Abhi decides to breaks into her house to search for any evidence to prove Kiara is his daughter. After failing to open the lock, he is reminded that Pragya always keeps a spare key hidden somewhere around. He looks out for the spare key, finds it and enters the house.

While everyone is at the party, King suddenly feels like asking Pragya about her real relationship with Abhi. Just when he approaches her to begin the conversation, he is interrupted by the party’s emcee, who takes him away.

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