Pragya blames Abhi for Kiara’s accident. Abhi tells her that she should have taught her to stay independent. He then consoles a crying Pragya and tells her that Kiara is a strong woman like her. He himself starts shedding tears and then Pragya tells him he doesn’t need to cry because Kiara will be fine soon. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Fame Shikha Singh Flaunts Her Baby Bump as She Poses Happily With Hubby Karan Shah

Aliya talks to Tanu over a call and tells her that there’s a piece of bad news. Tanu says what could be worse than having Pragya back in her life. Aliya then informs her that King and Pragya aren’t married. Tanu drops her phone in shock and asks Aliya if whatever she just told her is true. Aliya says yes and also advises her to come back to Abhi as soon as possible. Also Read - TV News: Kumkum Bhagya Fame Shikha Singh is Pregnant, Flaunts Baby Bump in Latest Pics

Sunny calls his mother and informs her about Kiara’s accident. Meanwhile, Abhi talks to the deity of Lord Ganesha in the hospital and prays for Kiara’s well being. He expresses his anger with God and says that he did everything to worship Him but his prayers went unanswered. Pragya and others become emotional seeing Abhi crying like a baby while praying for Kiara’s speedy recovery. Abhi and Pragya then silently exchange gazes and assure each other everything will be fine soon. Also Read - Kumkum Bhagya Actor Dr Ashish Gokhale is Working 24x7 at Hospital to Treat The Coronavirus Patients

The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and informs everyone that Kiara needs blood and there’s a scarcity of her blood group in the bank. Abhi immediately volunteers to give blood and goes away with the doctor. The doctor asks Abhi if he is feeling weak while giving blood and he says nothing is more important to him than saving his child’s life. He then wonders if Kiara would start thinking he is a careless father knowing he is responsible for her accident. Purab tells him he is unnecessarily blaming himself.

Purab’s wife then asks Pragya why hasn’t she yet informed King about Kiara’s accident. Pragya tells her that everything happened so quickly that she didn’t get time to call King. Her sister then tells her that she couldn’t call King because she isn’t close to him, therefore she didn’t think of informing him first.

Meanwhile, Pragya sits in a corner and wonders how she decided to not inform Abhi about her pregnancy. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Abhi asking Pragya to not thank him for giving blood to Kiara as he is her father. Pragya interrupts and tells him that Kiara is King’s daughter. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kumkum Bhagya!