Tonight’s episode begins with Abhi talking to Pragya’s photograph inside her house while in the quest of searching for proofs to establish that Kiara is his daughter. While in this trance, he hears someone in the house and assumes that King has returned early from the party. However, it turns out to be Purab who has come to aid Abhi in his mission and together they start scouting the place to look for a shred of evidence in drawers and cupboards.Also Read - TRP Report Week 2: Anupamaa Reigns, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Follow - Check Full List

Turning out the contents of the cupboard haphazardously, they argue who will put things back as they were to avoid suspicion when Pragya returns and Purab eventually is made to fold back all the clothes neatly. Realising that Pragya might have kept the documents on the top cabinet, Abhi brings down a suitcase from there and opens it to find his own picture in it which makes him smile. Also Read - "Chanting Mantras Really Help During Pregnancy," Says Kumkum Bhagya Actress Pooja Banerjee | Exclusive

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Next, he comes across an album of Kiara’s childhood pictures which make him emotional.

Just then, he finds Pragya’s passport and finds her full name on it, bearing his name as her surname. This makes him break into tears. Finding Kiara’s birth certificate, he takes the copy and runs out, dropping the photo album while putting the suitcase in place.

Meanwhile, at the party, Kiara falls down and insists on going home. The others oblige and head home.

On the other hand, Abhi and Purab break into a victory dance on landing with Kiara’s birth certificate but on checking, Abhi finds that it says Kiara Arora. This makes them sad but on Disha’s insistence, they check the name in the father’s slot only to find Pragya’s name mentioned. Quickly, they break into another round of searching for proofs to validate that Abhi is Kiara’s father. Deciding to look for the passport again, Abhi decides to go back in the room while Purab leaves, stating that Sunny saw a nightmare hence, he needs to return.

King is back outside his home with his family and Pragya looks for the spare key where she had left it but finds it missing. On hearing the noise, Abhi thinks Purab has returned when suddenly he hears Pragya’s voice.

The pre-cap of the next episode shows Abhi secretly watching Pragya put Kiara to sleep while King leaves to sleep in another room after telling them to knock on his door if they need anything. This makes Abhi wonder that why King was not sleeping in the same room with his wife and daughter.

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