Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi asking Disha if Pragya gave her consent in marrying Abhi. Before Disha can answer, Abhi says that she doesn’t even accept that Kiara is his daughter hence, she will not agree to marry him. To this, Disha says even if Pragya doesn’t want to marry Abhi, he’ll have to do so stealthily. Abhi refuses, saying that it will be wrong. Disha insists saying that if he backs down, King will propose Pragya. Abhi asks Disha how she could be this sure to which she ascertains that she is a woman hence, she knows it by seeing Pragya’s face. She asserts that since Kiara is his daughter, things will eventually fall into place once he marries Pragya. She further adds that just as Tanu doesn’t matter to him, King too will not matter to Pragya and tries to convince Abhi into giving in.Also Read - TRP List Week 15: Anupamaa Rules With #MaAn Wedding, Imlie And Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Share 3rd Spot

On the other hand, in King’s house, Pragya looks at her mangalsutra and thinks that marriage holds only one meaning for her and that is Abhi. Hence, she vows to never let it go missing from her. While she goes to sleep, King comes to her room and thinks that since he has bought the same design mangalsutra for Pragya which she had earlier liked for Neha, he will propose to her with it, after Neha and Tarun’s marriage. He gives her a flying kiss. Also Read - 'Never Easy to Say Goodbye, The Show Must go on': Shabir Ahluwalia on Quitting Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi is finally convinced and tells Disha that he is ready to marry Pragya with committed rituals and ceremonies. Determined to make Pragya his own, Abhi says that together they will seek everyone’s blessings and their happiness will be doubled. Just when Disha is assuring him, Purab walks in and joins in the idea happily. Hugging Abhi, Purab congratulates Disha and says that as one daughter will go, another will come and then the trio hug and jump in ecstasy. When they do it again on Abhi’s request, Tanu hears them and wonders what they could be so happy about. Also Read - TRP Report Week 8: Anupamaa Leads, Kumkum Bhagya Slips And Fans Ask 'Where is Naagin'

At King’s house, Kiara comes to Pragya, greets her and informs that Superman had called to ask when they will be visiting him at his house. So she asks Pragya to get ready but Pragya reminds her that she has to go to school. Kiara says it’s Tarun chacha’s wedding day and runs off after giving Pragya a kiss and asking her to buy mangalsutra for her. Pragya asks if Superman had asked her to give her a kiss but Kiara refuses, saying that it was a good morning kiss. Pragya leaves saying that she has to go to Abhi’s house to decorate the mandap.

Back there, Abhi tells the decorator that there will be two marriages in that mandap and informs that he is getting married. While dadi makes rangoli, Abhi compliments her. Tanu sees Abhi happy and wonders the reason behind it. Aaliya intervenes, saying that she should let him be happy. Tanu says that in such a happy state, Abhi looks 5 years younger and that he is acting as if he’s a lover boy who is excited to bring Pragya back. Aaliya denies the thought and pitches that he is always excited in family functions but refuses to argue further with her. Tanu leaves with the intention of checking Abhi’s room. Abhi then sees Pragya coming in and talking to someone. He looks at her romantically when dadi calls Pragya. Pragya obliges but she steps on the rangoli while approaching dadi to which dadi says that it was good as the house still thinks of her as a daughter-in-law. Pragya apologises for the mess and goes inside.

Crafting out his plan stealthily, Abhi puts a garland on Pragya’s neck and asks her to do the same, giving the excuse that he has to tie it. Pragya obliges smilingly. In Abhi’s room, Tanu is determined to find some clue when Disha passes by and hearing some noise, peeps inside to find Tanu frantically searching Abhi’s room. Not losing time, Disha throws something on Tanu which makes her come out to inquire but finds no one as Disha quickly hides from the scene. Tanu goes back but this time Disha boldly confronts her face-to-face and Tanu lies saying that Abhi had sent her to fetch his brooch. Disha smartly tackles this saying that Abhi already has the brooch tied on his kurta. Tanu then defends saying that she was searching for her earrings which must be in the drawer and begins to open it.

Meanwhile, Pragya asks Abhi why he is doing all the work to which he diverts her attention by saying that she should concentrate on her own work. Pragya says that she came for Neha’s rituals and so Abhi insists that she climbs up the stairs and begin with the decoration. Pragya warns him from thinking that she slips, he will come to her rescue to which Abhi assures that the same will happen. While Pragya is on the stairs, Abhi supports her by her waist but she asks him to leave her.

The pre-cap of the upcoming episode shows Abhi asking Pragya not to cut short his talks after marriage and pulls a surprised Pragya closer when suddenly chachi walks in and asks whose marriage was he referring to.

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