Beeji makes Pragya understand that Prachi has to suffer a lot of loss in her education due to her stubborn behaviour. She tells her that she should let her daughter move to Delhi to join college there. Pragya runs and starts packing Prachi’s clothes. She tells her daughter that she has always taught her to keep moving ahead in life and she will never stop her from leading her life the way she wants to. Pragya asks Prachi to take care of herself.Also Read - ZEE5 Originals Nail Police, 14 Phere, State Of Seige And Others Feature Amongst Best OTT Content

Aaliya and Abhi discuss music and musicians. Dadi pulls his leg by telling him that he has himself quit singing and therefore, he keeps commenting on other singers. Abhi’s new business partner, Vikram, is introduced, who informs him that he has been awarded as the Best Media Icon Of The Year. Abhi’s daughter Rhea congratulates him and tells him that she’s his lucky charm. The family gears up for the big party to celebrate the recognition. Also Read - Bigg Boss OTT: Kumkum Bhagya Actor Zeeshan Khan, Who Appeared In Bathrobe At Airport, is The Second Confirmed Contestant

Prachi and her cousin leave their small town to start a new journey in Delhi. They board a bus and Prachi becomes emotional, realising she is going away from her mother Pragya. She recalls the emotional moments spent with her mother. Also Read - Sidharth Shukla-Shehnaaz Gill Likely To Play Leads in Kumkum Bhagya Reboot? Deet Inside

Pragya waits to have a call from Prachi. Beeji jokingly tells her that she’s taking unnecessary tension as if Abhi will kidnap her daughter and will never let her return to her. Prachi and Sara reach Delhi. She wonders she has finally reached the city that took away everything from her mother.

Abhi tries to convince his daughter Rhea to attend his award function. Meanwhile, Prachi and Sara lose their ticket and as they run after it, they escape an accident from Abhi’s car. This leads to the first meeting of Abhi and Prachi. Pragya instantly feels as if Prachi has met with an accident. She makes a call to her daughter only to realise that her number is off.

Abhi freaks out, gets out of the car, and yells at Prachi for being careless while using the road. The moment freezes between Prachi and her father Abhi. She apologises to him. He tells her that he doesn’t need his apology rather wants her to understand that she should be careful. Abhi goes away. Sara tells Prachi how Abhi has been yelling at her as if he was her father. Prachi takes offense and says he was not her father since her father left her when she was just born. The two girls realise that their bags have been stolen by someone at the bus stand.

The promo of the next episode shows Prachi reaching the venue of Abhi’s award show in search of her lost bag. The security tries to manhandle her but Abhi comes to her rescue. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kumkum Bhagya!